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Documents Diving & ROV Specialists The diving studies CCO Ltd and the documents published by “Diving & ROV Specialists” are considered relevant by IOGP members, diving contractors, scientists, and doctors members of the DMAC. They consist of various topics such as the description of a saturation diving system, the implementation of diving procedures, the organization of the maintenance of diving cylinders, the implementation of a drug abuse policy, and others.
Docs. Diving & ROV Specialists
Diving & ROV procedures Diving studies and procedures other than those from CCO Ltd and Diving and ROV Specialists are published on this site. These documents are published by scientists, technicians, or recognized competent bodies. Note that some of them have produced documents taken as references in the documents CCO-Ltd and “Diving and ROV specialists”.
Procedures 1960 - 2018
Scientific papers This part of the website provides scientific documents published from the very beginning of the diving industry to now. They are classified by year of publication on several pages that can be accessed by clicking the buttons below. .
Scientific 2020
Historical diving Diving procedures and tables are regularly reviewed by the organizations that emit them. However, it is not uncommon that the previous publication is used as a reference to design the new one. For this reason, it is interesting to consult such documents to understand how procedures have evolved and whether the newly published document is an evolution of a previous concept or an all-new conceptualization.
Historical diving
United Nations conventions & national laws This page provides links to reglementations from the United Nations (IMO & ILO) & similar documents published by countries.
Conventions & laws Scientific 1980 - 1989
Videos and animations Page 1 - Lifting systems and winches, & Working procedures The videos presented on this page are published by companies producing lifting systems and winches and those involved in various oil and gas and other projects to promote their products or methods of work.
Videos & Animations - 1 Scientific 1600 - 1959
Studies of ROV concepts This pages give access to engineering studies of new ROV concepts. These documents come from scientists, universities, and ROV manufacturers. The industry has adopted some proposed solutions, and others will be adopted later on or forgotten. Whatever happened, it is interesting to read them. They are classified according to the years of publication.
ROV concepts  2020
Offshore systems This page provides links to descriptions of offshore facilities such as platforms, floating structures, seabed oil and gas structures, wind turbines, tide turbines, and many others, in addition to methods for installing them.
Offshore systems 2020 - 2023
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Note: The texts published on this website are in a public release but still under copyright.  Thus, people using these documents can reproduce them in whole or part for their manuals, studies, or reports, provided that the copyrights are acknowledged, and  the authors' names are mentioned.
Technical documents - Vessels This page provides links to publications that discuss rules for the vessel design, maintenance, and management other than those from IMO.
Vessels 1990 - 2017
Technical documents - Diving systems This page provides links to publications that discuss official rules for the conception and construction of diving systems other than those from IMO.
Technical docs diving sytems Scientific 2007 - 2008 Scientific 2000 - 2003 Videos & Animations - 3 Scientific 2018 - 2019
Scientific papers 2020
From 2018 to 2019
From 2007 to 2008
From 2000 to 2003
From 1980 to 1989
From 1600 to 1959
ROV concepts 1997 - 2014
ROV concepts 2020
ROV concepts 1997 - 2014
Offshore systems 2016 - 2019
From 2020 to 2023
From 2016 to 2019
Environmental studies This page provides links to publications that discuss the impact of the various industrial activities on the environment. Studies on the biodiversity status of the oceans are also published.
Environmental 2000 - 2020
Underwater mapping This page provides links to publications discussing methods and tools that allow the design of 2d and 3d maps and position job sites, vessels, underwater vehicles, and divers on these maps.
Mapping 1980 - 2021 Offshore systems 2000 - 2015
From 2000 to 2015
Videos & Animations - 2
Page 2 - Working procedures: Renewable energies systems This page is the continuation of page 1. The videos published on it refer to renewable energy systems such as tide turbines, wind turbines, wave energy converters, solar panels, etc.
Page 3 - Marine systems, diving equipment, ROV systems The videos presented on this page are published by companies producing marine systems, diving equipment, and ROV systems to promote their products. Their names and addresses are provided
Scientific 2011 - 2013
From 2011 to 2013
ROV concepts  2022 - 2023
ROV concepts 2022 - 2023
Scientific 2022 - Part A
Year 2022 - Part A
ROV concepts 2015 - 2019
ROV concepts 2015 - 2019
Non Destructive Techniques (NDT) This page links to publications discussing Non-Destructive Technics (NDT) applicable underwater and at the surface. We must not forget that such procedures are also used during mobilizations.
Non Destructive Tech. (NDT)
First aid This section provides articles linked to the products presented in the rubric “medical equipment”. In addition, manuals from official bodies and reports from doctors and nurses are provided.
First aid Scientific 1990 - 1999
From 1990 to 1999
Scientific 2014 - 2015
From 2014 to 2015
Scientific 2004 - 2006
From 2004 to 2006
Scientific 2016 - 2017
From 2016 to 2017
From 2000 to 2020
Environmental 2021
Scientific 2021
Scientific papers 2021
Procedures 1960 - 2018
Procedures 2019 - Now
Procedures 2019 - Now
Vessels 2018 - Now
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ROV concepts  2021
ROV concepts 2021
Mapping 1980 - 2021
Mapping 2022 - 2023
Mapping 2022 - 2023
Scientific 2023
Scientific papers 2023
Environmental 2022 - Now
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Scientific 1960 - 1979
From 1960 to 1979
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Scientific 2007 - 2008 Scientific 2022 - Part B
Year 2022 - Part B