Environmental studies 2021
12 - Manufacturing and Recycling Impact on Environmental Life         Cycle Assessment of Innovative Wind Power Plant Part 1/2.  13 -  Manufacturing and Recycling Impact on Environmental Life          Cycle Assessment of Innovative Wind Power Plant Part 2/2.  15 -  Monitoring of Caged Bluefin Tuna Reactions to Ship and          Offshore Wind Farm Operational Noises.  16 -  Spatial and temporal analysis of cumulative environmental          effects of offshore wind farms in the North Sea basin.  17 --  The Relation between Migratory Activity of Pipistrellus Bats at          Sea and Weather Conditions Offers Possibilities to Reduce           Offshore Wind Farm Effects 9 -  Underwater Noise - The neglected threat to marine life  10 - The underlying causes and effects of phytoplankton seasonal         turnover on resource use efficiency in freshwater lakes.  11 - High-Resolution Vertical Habitat Mapping of a Deep-Sea Cliff         Offshore Greenland  18 - The intelligent underwater laboratory  19 - Intelligent fish farm—the future of aquaculture  20 - Vertical sonar beam width and scanning behavior of wild         belugas (Delphinapterus leucas) in West Greenland  25 - Acoustic differentiation and classification of wild belugas and         narwhals using echolocation clicks  26 - Advancement of the Pivot Point of Underwater Delta: A Study        of Tarbela Reservoir  27 - Thesis: Mechanisms of undulatory underwater locomotion  37 - Comparing different farming habitats for mid-water rope         nurseries to advance coral restoration efforts in the Maldives  28 - Sounds: Status of underwater noise from shipping  30 - Modelling of underwater noise emissions by ships in Klaipeda         Strait, Lithuania  35 - The underwater soundscape in the port of Gothenburg and         estimations of the underwater radiated noise from ships  3 - Study of Massive Floating Solar Panels over Lake Nasser  21 - Dealing with uncertainties: floating solar farm in natural lakes  22 - Ice Load Characteristics on Floating Photovoltaic Platform.  23 - Photovoltaic  forecasting model in Thailand: case study solar         farm at Nakhon Ratchasima province.  24 - Floating Photovoltaic Plant in India: Current Status and Future         Prospect.  33 - Solar Panels Life After Death -An Overview on Solar Panel         Recycling Methods and Imminent Business Opportunities.  34 - Floating photovoltaic systems: photovoltaic cable submersion          and impacts analysis  2 - Policy Proposals for Photovoltaic Waste Disposals of a Floating      Solar Farm in Sirindhorn Dam, Thailand.  7 - World economic forum: Fostering Effective Energy Transition       2021  8 - ROV observations reveal infection dynamics of gill parasites in       midwater cephalopods.
5 - A composite perforated partitioned sandwich panel with       corrugation for underwater low-frequency sound absorption  6 - Exploring Ocean Biogeochemistry Using a Lab-on-Chip       Phosphate Analyser on an Underwater Glider  31 - Underwater Light Characteristics of Turbid Coral Reefs of the         Inner Central Great Barrier Reef.  32 - Underwater Sound Propagation Modeling in a Complex         Shallow Water Environment
4 - Bioremediation perspectives and progress in petroleum       pollution in the marine environment: a review  14 - Response of bacterial and fungal communities to high         petroleum pollution in different soils  38 - Risk Assessment of Chemical Pollution of Industrial Effluents         From A Soap Production Plant Located In Bafoussam  39 - Chemical pollution as a driver of biodiversity loss and potential        deterioration of ecosystem services in Eastern Africa:         A critical review
1 - Vegetation Community Characteristics Under Different       Vegetation Eco-restoration Techniques at Xiangjiaba       Hydropower Station.
29 - The Mediterranean Sea we want  40 - Mussel Byssal Attachment Weakened by Anthropogenic Noise
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