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Why this website? Allow me to introduce myself: I was born into a military family in Dakar on February 1st, 1957. I have been diving since 1985, initially as a recreational diver and then as an instructor. After several years of high-level carpentry work, where I created and restored frames for several historical monuments in Brittany, my country of origin, I started my commercial diving career in 1995, became a saturation diver in 1998, and a diving supervisor in 2005. I qualified and held the positions of ROV pilot-technician, diving supervisor, superintendent, offshore construction manager, and client representative roles in Southeast Asia, where my family and I are currently based.  I founded CCO Ltd. in 2014. I began writing diving manuals and referenced technical documents about manned and unmanned underwater interventions. My original manuals and thematic studies are obtainable from www.diving-rov-specialists.com, free of charge. They have earned recognition from scientists, engineers, supervisors, and divers. My aim consists in providing the Diving Community with highly reliable information they can utilise for designing and writing their own diving manuals, procedures, training & familiarisation programs, drills scenarios, working instructions, and terms of reference for audits and inspections. I want you, as the reader, to easily identify the scientific and technical references my documents are based upon. All these references are also available from the website. I do not provide peremptory statements. Instead, I want to enable you to access the background that supports a hypothesis, a recommendation, a rule or an industry practice; I want to help you use your critical thinking, hence enabling you to rely on peer-reviewed information which I strive to make immediately accessible here. I believe in deference to expertise, apprenticeship, dedication to the transmission of knowledge, training, mentoring, and, ultimately, “real safety”. I launched www.diving-rov-specialists.com in 2021 and I have been maintaining it through all these years with the support received from experts of various domains such as my friends Jean Yves Massimelli, Jean Pierre Imbert, and many others who support this project according to their means and free time. I welcome your comments, rants, and suggestions. I am eager to publish your viewpoint, your chronicles, and your valuable experiences. Although I created it, www.diving-rov-specialists.com is your website.  Yours, sincerely.  Christian Cadieux. Headquarters and contact Diving and ROV Specialists.com is situated in tambon Tarpo, 65000 Phitsanulok, Thailand. For any inquiries, please contact us via phone at +66 900 314 585 or +66 857 277 123. In addition, we offer various email addresses tailored to the specific purpose of communication, which are listed below for your convenience. Conditions of utilization Copyright & Trademarks All rights reserved. All the contents of this website are to be used only in accordance with Internet regulations. All contents (drawings, texts, trademarks, photos, files, designs, etc.) on this website of "Diving & ROV Specialists and CCO Ltd.", are protected by copyright and other protective laws. Notwithstanding the copyright mentioned above, "Diving & ROV Specialists and CCO Ltd." provide all the contents of this website for public release. For being authorized to reproduce any of the website contents, in whole or in part, into any of their documents, the users of this website must explicitly acknowledge the copyrights and mention the name of the "Original Author(s)". Liability "Diving & ROV Specialists and CCO Ltd." have updated and compiled the contents of this website in accordance with their current state of knowledge. Access to and use of this website, as well as websites related or connected to this by links, are at the user's own risk and responsibility. Damage and warranty claims arising from missing or incorrect data are excluded. "Diving & ROV Specialists and CCO Ltd." bear no responsibility or liability for damage of any kind, also for indirect or consequential damages resulting from access to or use of this website, documents, or websites related or connected to this by links. Links to other websites "Diving & ROV Specialists and CCO Ltd." website contains links (cross- references) to websites that third parties run. "Diving & ROV Specialists and CCO Ltd." takes no responsibility for the content of these other websites. Publish a text Scientists, engineers, technicians, supervisors, and other competent people can publish articles on this site. Please note the following: There are no fees asked for publishing a scientific or technical document. Only advertisements are subject to payments. The published document remains the entire property of its author, and we do not modify it without written authorization. The name of the author of the document is indicated in the title. The author can remove the text at any time. Only texts that are based on scientifically proven elements are accepted. Content calling for or supporting violence is not allowed on this site. Contact us at: documents@diving-rov-specialists.com Publish an advertisement Manufacturers and service providers can be listed and publish personalized advertisements on this site at a very reasonable price. Contact us at: management@diving-rov-specialists.com Other demands For any demand other than those mentioned above, kindly reach out to us at management@diving-rov-specialists.com. Payments Payments can be arranged to the following bank account: Bank: Siam commercial bank PCL Bank code number: 014 Branch: Lotus thathong Phitsanulok branch Branch code number: 5349 Address: 444 moo.6 1st fl. Lotus Thathong Phitsanulok, Thathong, muang Phitsanulok 65000 Thailand Account Number: 404-612275-9 Name of holder: CCO. (Thailand) co. LTD Address holder: 52/2 moo 3 tambon Tarpo muang Phitsanulok 65000 Swift code: SICOTHBK
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