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Diving doctors & clinics Undergoing a medical examination is a prerequisite for both divers and personnel operating within the diving industry. In addition, it is crucial to establish an effective medical contingency plan in the event of an unforeseen accident. To access pertinent information regarding hyperbaric physicians and clinics, click on the text or the button below.
Diving equipment manufacturers & suppliers This section offers access to an array of diving equipment manufacturers and suppliers. It should be noted that some provide fully assembled diving systems while others specialize in individual components such as regulators, cylinders, analysers, helmets, and other items. To gain access to this section, click on the button below.
Underwater tools and their support equipment Acquiring tools and various machines constitutes a crucial aspect of diving undertakings. This page furnishes hyperlinks to producers and suppliers, enabling procurement services to obtain hefty gear like generators or dredging pumps, hand-held instruments, inspection tools, etc. However, note that manufacturers of cranes are not included in this inventory.
Tools manufactrers & resellers
ROVs and AUVs Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) are increasingly utilized for subaquatic operations, as they offer effective support to diving activities and enable interventions at depths beyond the reach of divers. This section connects to various ROV and AUV manufacturers, ranging from heavy-duty work-class units to compact machines that can fit in a backpack. Additionally, it provides links to accessory and spare part providers. It is worth mentioning that novel manufacturers and technologies constantly emerge. Click the button below to open this page.
Logistic supporting services Coordinating diving and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operations abroad can be a convoluted task, especially for those unaccustomed to such arrangements. For this reason, we have deemed it advantageous to furnish links to indispensable amenities, including: - Travel agencies - Customs clearance experts - Embassies and consulates - Respiratory gas suppliers Press the button below to gain entry into these lists.
Logistic supporting services
Originally a term used in military contexts to describe the acquisition, storage, and transportation of equipment and supplies, "logistics" has since evolved into a broader concept that encompasses the planning, execution, and management of the efficient flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from their origin to their final destination. This process is critical across various industries, particularly the diving industry. This page provides links to the following services that are regularly updated:
Shipyard lists Training & recruitment
Medical equipment This section aims to ease the acquisition process of medical equipment and promote devices not featured in the diving organizations' published lists. However, it is essential to remember that this does not prevent the necessity for guidance and supervision from a skilled specialist in diving medicine.
Medical equipment
Underwater navigation and visualization systems Efficient navigation and seamless movement on a work site are crucial for divers and ROV pilots, alongside an unambiguous vision of the activities being conducted. This segment provides access to reliable manufacturers in the subsequent domains: - Navigation and cartography systems - SONAR technology for subaquatic vehicles and divers - Providers of electronic as well as sampling systems.
UW navigation & visual syst.
Ship chartering companies It is not uncommon for diving and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) companies to lack the necessary resources to maintain a vessel or have a limited number of vessels available for specific periods of operation. To address this issue, we offer a selection of links to companies that provide rental services for Diving Support Vessels or other suitable vessels capable of accommodating portable diving systems. Access these links by clicking on the button below.
Shipyards A shipyard is a facility that specializes in the construction, repair, and maintenance of ships. These facilities vary in size depending on the vessels they are handling and are strategically located near the sea or tidal rivers for easy access to their boats. Large shipyards come equipped with specialized cranes, dry docks, slipways, dust-free warehouses, painting facilities, and extensive areas for fabricating or maintaining ships. Diving and ROV companies that own vessels must regularly maintain them; however, this maintenance often needs to be done far from the port where the boat is based. To address this challenge effectively, we have deemed it useful to provide links to websites containing lists of shipyards where boats can be maintained, repaired, or built. Some of these listed companies also offer client support services. Click on the button below to open the dedicated webpage.
Training establishments & Recruitment agencies Training is an essential aspect for individuals involved in diving and ROV activities. Therefore, we have meticulously compiled lists of reputable diving and ROV schools as well as offshore survival training centres. These resources cater to those who aspire to enter the industry and are searching for a suitable institution or for individuals unable to undergo refresher training at their familiar centre for various reasons. Furthermore, it is commonplace for self-employed individuals to seek employment opportunities upon completion of projects, while employers require competent personnel for upcoming ventures. Consequently, we provide a comprehensive list of recruitment agencies that can assist both parties in achieving their respective goals. Click on the button below to open them.
Banks, insurances, and medical assistance Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies play a crucial role in financing projects while also safeguarding the interests of a company and its personnel. Similarly, medical assistance firms are indispensable when it comes to providing necessary aid for contractors during emergency situations like evacuation and treatment of injured or sick individuals. Note that, according to the International Labour Organization, an effective medical evacuation system is imperative. A list of such organizations can be accessed by clicking the button below.
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