Breathing gas compressors & filtration systems
Gardner Denver Gardner denver manufactures piston compressors that are commonly used for gas reclaim systems. They are described in the document “Description of a saturation diving system”. This company is part of Ingersoll Rand group Address: Claybrook Drive, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 0DS - UK Phone: +44 (0) 1527 838 600 Email: Website:
Bauer Bauer is a compressor manufacturer based in germany and operating worldwide. Address: Stäblistr. 8, 81477 Munich, Germany Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 78049 – 0 Email: Website:
Howden Howden BC Compressors, designs, manufactures and services custom-designed Burton Corblin® diaphragm, Burton Corblin piston and Periflow compressor packages. Address: Rue Roland Vachette Nogent sur Oise 60180 France Phone: +33 3 44 74 41 00 Email: Website: us/locations/europe/howden-bc-compressors
Quincy Quincy provides LP compressors for air diving Address: 701 North Dobson Avenue, Bay Minette, AL 36507, USA Phone: +1 251.937.5900 Messaging: Website:
Coltri Coltri provides HP air compressors and LP Nitrox fabrication (up to 40%) from air using membrane systems. Address: Via dei Colli Storici, 177 - 25015 Desenzano del Garda (BS) - Italia Phone: +39 030 9910297 Email #1: Email #2: Website:
L & W (Lenhardt & Wagner GmbH) Lenhardt & Wagner GmbH provides HP air compressors Address: An der Tuchbleiche 39 - 68623 Hüttenfeld / Germany Phone: +49 (0)62 56 - 8 58 80 -0 Email: Website:
MAKO MAKO provides small and mid-sized HP air compressors. This company is now part of the Ingersoll Rand group Address: 1301 North Euclid Avenue - Princeton, Illinois, 61356 - USA Phone: +1 217 222 5400 Contact: Website:
Nardi Nardi compressori provides small HP & LP air compressors. Address: Via Marco Polo 2 - 36075 - Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza (Italy) Phone: +39 0444 159111 Contact: Website:
Bailian Compressors Anqing Bailian Oil Free Compressors Co. fabricates reciprocating compressors for all types of gasses, including helium and pure oxygen. Address: Xingye road industrial park Devellopment zone anqing Anhui - China Phone: +89 556 534 5665 & +86 556 534 5665 Contact: sale@oxygen Website:
Ultra Controlo Ultra Controlo fabricates reciprocating medical oxygen compressors Address: Parque Industrial Quinta Lavi Armz. 8, 2710-089, Abrunheira, Sintra - Portugal Phone: +351 219 154 350 Contact: Website:
Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand is an international company specializing in compressors and the treatment of fluids, formed in 2020 through the merger of Ingersoll-Rand Plc with Gardner Denver, and headquartered in the USA. It operates worldwide through 40 brands, some of them are listed separately on this page as they are reputed for their products for a long time. The list of brands can be accessed through this link: Headquarters: 800 Beaty St Building E Davidson, NC 28036 - USA Website: List of brands: Note that Ingersoll rand continues to sell air compressors and a range of air filters, which some models are used for air diving, through its network of local resellers that can be contacted through this link:
Haskel Haskel pumps are commonly used in the diving industry to transfer heliox, nitrox , and oxygen. These machines, wich are described in our manuals are reputed for their ease of use, safety, and reliability. Haskel is a brand of Ingersoll Rand. Address: 100 E. Graham Place, Burbank, California 91502 - U.S.A. Phone: (818) 843-4000 Website:
Nuvair Nuvair is a manufacturer and a reseller of high and low-pressure air and nitrox compressors. This company is also well known for its air filtration systems and nitrox fabrication systems from air based on porous membranes. Address: 1600 Beacon Pl, Oxnard, CA 93033, United States Phone: +1 805-815-4044 Website:
Breathing gas filtration systems
Beko technologies Beko Technologies provides air and gas filtration and purification systems. This manufacturer also sells sensors, gas monitoring systems, and gas chilling and heating systems. Address: Im Taubental 7, D-41468 Neuss - Germany Phone: +49 2131 988-1000 Contact: Website:
Nuvair Nuvair is a compressor manufacturer (see above) known for its air filtration systems. Address: 1600 Beacon Place - Oxnard, CA 93033 USA Phone: +1.805.815.4044 Contact: Website:
LB - Bentley LB Bentley is a valve and breathing gas filtration systems manufacturer whose products are taken as references in our manuals. Headquarters: Kingfisher Business Park London Road Stroud, GL5 2BY - UK Phone: +44 (0)1453 733 060 Contact: Website:
Breathing gas compressors
J.P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH J.P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH, best known under the name “Sauer Compressors”, is the mother company of a group of four reputed manufacturers: Sauer, EK, Haug, and Girodin. It is headquartered in Germany and possesses 14 international subsidiaries, covering all continents. This group of specialized companies can provide compressors for nearly all gasses and is present in all industrial sectors, including oil and gas, maritime, defense, and diving. Sauer also supplies air and breathing gas filtrations, gas distribution panels, and containerized systems. Address: Brauner Berg 15 - 24159 Kiel / Germany Phone: +49 431 3940-0 Website:
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