Hyperbaric exposure control systems
Diver monitoring systems
Ultrasonic devices
Fathom systems Fathom systems is a company of JFD group that provides analysers, diver monitoring systems, and diving communication systems. Address: Badentoy Crescent, Badentoy Park Portlethen Aberdeenshire AB12 4YD - UK Phone: +44 1224 401000 Email: enquiries@fathomsystems.co.uk Website: http://www.fathomsystems.co.uk/
Analox Analox provides panel and portable analysers for surface orientated and saturation diving. Address: 15 Ellerbeck Court, Stokesley Business Park North Yorkshire, TS9 5PT, UK Phone: +44 (0)1642 711400 Email: info@analox.net Website: www.analox.net
Stanford Research Systems Stanford Research Systems designs analytical equipment for laboratories and various indutries. Main address: 1290-D Reamwood Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089 - UK Phone: 408-744-9040 Email: info@thinkSRS.com Website: https://www.thinksrs.com
Nuvair Nuvair is a diving compressor manufacturer who also provides gas analyzers for diving, medical, public safety, industrial, and military use. Address: 1600 Beacon Place, Oxnard, CA 93033 - USA Phone: 408-744-9040 Email: info@nuvair.com Website: https://www.nuvair.com
Analytical Industries Inc This company provides gas analyzers for diving, medical, public safety industrial, government, and military use. Offices: 2855 Metropolitan Place, Pomona, CA, 91767 - USA Phone: 909-392-6900 Email: https://aii1.com/contact/ Website: https://aii1.com/diving/
Teledyne Teledyne analytical instruments is a well know manufacturer of gas analyzers for diving, medical, public safety, industrial, government, and military use. Address: 16830 Chestnut Street, City of Industry, CA 91748 - USA Phone: 909-392-6900 Email: ask_tai@teledyne.com Website: http://www.teledyne-ai.com/
O’Dive PRO is a connected service developed to improve the safety of hyperbaric workers that allows controlling the quality of the decompression profiles implemented by a company. This excellent tool is to be used by people who are certified competent in decompression procedures, aware of the research progress in this domain, and able to interpret the data collected. Note that the manufacturer proposes a service for this purpose. Click on the picture for more information, or contact the company through the links below: contact@azoth-systems.com
The Fathom Systems Diver Monitoring Systems are among the most sophisticated systems currently on the market. The company provides systems for closed-bell and surface-supplied diving operations that are based on the same software, Clicking the pictures aside opens the manufacturer's documentation. Our "saturation diving handbook" and our "surface supplied diving handbooks" provide other descriptions.
This Diver monitoring system is designed to monitor air and nitrox diving. It is very compact, which explains that it provides more basic functions than the system described above. It has a 3.5” touchscreen and can monitor up to 3 divers. WiFi and Ethernet networks can be used to enter data and retrieve files. Its advantage is that it can be easily installed on panels. Click on the picture to open its characteristics. Address: De Hoogjens 22 - 4254 XW Sleeuwijk - The Netherlands Phone: +31-183-307900 Mail: info@novasub.co
Initially designed for surface-supplied diving, this system can be adapted for saturation diving, according to the manufacturer. It allows the monitoring and storage of data regarding the depth, temperature, quality of the breathing gas, and gas pressures, together with audio and video.
Unique group - eDMS101 - Diver monitoring syst. Unique group is a diving system manufacturer operating woldwide and headquartered 152-156 Gunners Circle Epping Industrial Area Cape Town, 7460 - South Africa. Website: https://www.uniquegroup.com/
According to the manufacturer, this system allows for the measurement with real-time display and logging of: - Temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, - Pressure in bar - Depth of diver in metre and feet seawater More information is provided at this address: https://www.uniquegroup.com/product/ug-edms100-diver- monitoring-system/
"Hyperbaric exposure control systems" encompass devices used to monitor the gas quality before and during dives, manage dive profiles, and ensure decompression quality utilizing portable ultrasonic devices. This section is divided into three categories: A - Analysers B - Diver monitoring systems C - Ultrasonic devices
A "Diver Monitoring System", commonly called "DMS", comprises several networked computers onboard the vessel, which communicate with bespoke hardware devices that acquire data from sensors fitted to various parts of the dive system. These sensors measure parameters such as depths, temperatures, gas compositions, hot water temperature, humidity, etc. The system's primary function is to measure these physical parameters and store the values on a computer disk file for archiving and subsequent analysis. In addition to recording the sensor values, a number of computers provide operators with real-time graphical displays of the sensor values to assist in the management of diving operations. These devices are mandatory in certain countries and by a few organizations. We strongly advocate adopting these devices regardless of legal requirements or client preferences, as they significantly enhance supervisor efficiency.
Edan - Ultrasonics Edan is a healthcare company dedicated to providing medical devices and healthcare solutions. Their commitment to value-driven innovation and investment in research and development has resulted in a diverse portfolio of quality products.
The company designs patient monitoring systems that provide accurate and real-time tracking of vital signs, and advanced portable ultrasound imaging solutions for medical diagnostics. Address: No.15 Jinhui Rd., Shenzhen, 518122 , P.R.China1. Phone: +86-755-26898326. Email: info@edan.com. Website: https://www.edan.com/
The tools described in this section allow for monitoring the quality of dive profiles performed by a company. We can consider them "medical tools" as they indicate the quantity of bubbles in the diver's circulatory system following a dive. Therefore, they allow the company management to improve the procedures for the divers' hyperbaric exposure, thus limiting the risks of accidents. We also recommend using such tools.
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