Small equipment
JFD JFD proposes military gears such as fins and shallow buyoancy devices that cam be used for commercial activities. JFD headquarters: 1 - Cartside Avenue Inchinnan Business Park PA4 9RW - Inchinnan - UK Tel: +44 (0)141 812 8700 Email: 2 - Enterprise Drive Westhill Aberdeen AB32 6TQ Tel: +44 (0)1224 740 145 Email: Website:
Aqua lung Aqua Lung, a renowned entity in the scuba diving industry since its inception in 1943, provides an extensive selection of dive gear and accessories to cater to the needs of divers. Main Aqualung Military Sales Office: 1ere Avenue, 14eme Rue - BP 148 06513 Carros CEDEX - France Tel: +33 492 082 888 Websites:
Pommec - Hytech In December 2021, Pommec BV and IHC Hytech BV underwent a merger resulting in the formation of Pommec-Hytech. Main office: Conradweg 22, 4612PD Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands Phone: +31 164 745500 Email: Website:
Beuchat international The Beuchat enterprise, founded in 1934 by Georges Beuchat, conducts global sales under the labels "Pêche Sport," "Tarzan," "Beuchat," "Beuchat Sub," and "Beuchat International." Sales office: 34 AV de Boisbaudran 13015 MARSEILLE FRANCE Phone: +33 890 109 375 Website:
Mares Mares is a well-known brand of aquatic activities equipment, providing an assortment of scuba diving apparatus, specialized diving equipment, freediving paraphernalia, and snorkeling gear. Main sales office: Salita Bonsen, 4, 16035 Rapallo GE - Italy Phone: +39 0185 2011 Website:
Poseidon Poseidon Diving Systems is a distinguished producer and pioneer in the field of diving gear. The corporation exports its products to nearly all nations across the globe. Main sales office: Adress: Åkeredsvä gen 1, 421 63 Västra Frölunda - SWEDEN Phone: +46 31 734 29 00 Website:
Cressi-sub Founded in 1946, Cressi Sub is an Italian enterprise that provides high-quality equipment for scuba diving, spearfishing, and free diving. Main sales office: Contact: Website:
Scubapro Uwatec Scubapro is a long-standing brand in the diving industry that merged with Uwatec, a dive computer manufacturer, and subsequently became part of Johnson Outdoors in 1997. As "Scubapro Uwatec," the company continues to produce quality diving equipment such as regulators, BCDs, dive computers, masks, fins, and wetsuits. Main office: Address: Johnson Outdoors, Inc. 555 Main Street Racine, WI 53403 - USA Phone: +1.262.631.6600 Email: Website: Website:
Huish Outdoors group This company groups sport diving brands such as Oceanic, Suunto, atomix aquatic, Bare, Zeagle, Holllis, Main head office: Address: 1540 2200 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, USA Phone: +1 888-270-8595 Contact: Website:
Sherwood Scuba LLC Sherwood Scuba LLC is a reputed American manufacturer, established in 1955, that delivers quality scuba diving equipment in more than 150 countries. Headquarters: Address: 1641 East Saint Andrew Place Santa Ana, CA 92705 United States Contact: info Website:
SmartDives LLC SmartDives LLC is a supplier of small diving equipment based in Dubai in the UAE. Address: Al Qusais Industrial Area 4 PO Box 48074, Dubai UAE Phone: +97142672844 Email: Website:
De Zeeman Pro De Zeeman is a retail chain that established its presence in several European countries, including The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, and Portugal. Main office: Steenhoevestraat 4, B-2800 Mechelen - Belgium Phone: +32 (0)15 43 01 31 Email: Website:
Small equipment encompasses various apparatuses, including but not limited to fins, masks, weight belts, scuba regulators, and other related devices. They can be sourced from sport diving gear manufacturers.
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