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DIVEX - JFD (James fisher and soons PLC) Divex is a brand of JFD group that proposes several types of helmets and full-face masks, which some of them are described in the document “description of a saturation Diving system”. These helmets are equipped with balanced Divex regulators and, when necessary, reclaim system valves are installed. This manufacturer also produces helmets that can be used to dive in polluted waters, such as the AH5, which is a continuous flow helmet (See on the left side below), and a gas reclaimed helmet specifically designed for this purpose called "Dirty Harris". JFD headquarters are situated at the following addresses in the United Kingdom: 1 - Cartside Avenue Inchinnan Business Park PA4 9RW - Inchinnan (near Glasgow) Tel: +44 (0)141 812 8700 Email: enquiries@jfdglobal.com 2 - Enterprise Drive Westhill Aberdeen AB32 6TQ Tel: +44 (0)1224 740 145 Email: enquiries@jfdglobal.com Descriptions of the helmets proposed by the company can be found through this address: https://www.jfdglobal.com/systems/
Kirby Morgan Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc.® helmets are the most used in the commercial diving industry. This manufacturer is based at this address:1430 Jason Way, Santa Maria, CA 93455 - USA Phone: (805) 928-7772 e-mail: kmdsi@KirbyMorgan.com Website: www.KirbyMorgan.com
Aqua lung Ililitary & Professional - APEKS The Aqua Lung G3000SS (Also called Gorski) is a helmet initially designed by Leszek Gorski (1953 - 2021). It is developed and sold by APEKS and Aqualung Military & Professional: Aqua Lung: http://www.aqualung.com/militaryandprofessional/ APEKS: https://www.apeksdiving.com/products/military-and- professional/product/aqua-lung-g3000ss-diving-helmet.html Aqua Lung International was initialy a division of Air Liquide that has been sold to “Montagu Private Equity”, a company based in London by the end of 2016. Main Aqualung Military Sales Office: 1ere Avenue, 14eme Rue - BP 148 06513 Carros CEDEX - France Tel: +33 492 082 888 https://milproaqualung.com/products/g3000ss?variant=41142418571447
DRASS Drass - Galeazzi is an Italian diving system and equipment manufacturer who proposes a new model of helmet called “D-One”, which caracteristics can be found at this address: http://www.d-one.tech/ Head office: Via Teresa Mattei, 4 57121 Livorno ITALY Tel +39 0586 421221 Email: drass.info@drass.tech
Tatum The Tatum AFS 3 is a constant free flow breathing air diving helmet equipped with noise protection from inside and outside with a damping effect of 25 dB and designed for use in contaminated media. Website: https://www.tatum-gmbh.de/#top Head office: Tatum GmbH Vinkenberg 11 59269 Beckum - Germany Tel +2522.938994 Email: info@tatum-gmbh.de
COMPOSITE - Beat Engel (CBE) Composite - beat Engel is a company based in Switzerland designing helmets for surface- supplied diving and operations in polluted environments. These helmets conform to the highest standards, such as EN 250, EN 14293, and EN 15333. Another important fact is that this manufacturer can design and build any helmet according to specific demands. Website: https://www.composite-be.com Head office: General Dufourstr. 842502 Biel – Bienne, Switzerland Phone : +41 (0) 32 322 46 36, Mobile: +41 (0) 79 351 05 05
Desco corporation Desco corporation manufactures old-style continuous flow helmets that conform with the specifications of the US navy. The company also sells suits, lead shoes, and all the necessary accessories to dive with such helmets. It also manufactures continuous flow rubber masks similar to those used during the 2nd war and until the 80s by the US Navy. Website: http://www.divedesco.com Head office: 240 N. Milwaukee Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202, United States Tel (414) 272-2371 Email: sales@divedesco.com