Scientific papers 2022 - Part B
Next page Next page BUTTON TEXT Previous page 07 - Full-Face Mask Use during SCUBA Diving Counters Related         Oxidative Stress and Endothelial Dysfunction. 01 - Editorial: Survival in Extreme Environments – Adaptation or         Decompensation?, Volume I 10 - Effects of high-intensity interval training with hyperbaric oxygen 11 - Contribution of Adenosine in the Physiological Changes and          Injuries Secondary to Exposure to Extreme Oxygen Pressure in         Healthy Subjects 13 - Vascular function recovery following saturation diving 14 - Symptomatic or asymptomatic SAR-CoV-2 positive divers should         be medically evaluated before returning to scuba diving. 08 - Microbiome of Acute Otitis Externa 09 - Oxygen, ROS/RNS, Hypoxia and Hypoxia Inducible Factors 12 - A short, sharp (cold) shock: Healthy or harmful? 15 - A review of accelerated decompression from heliox saturation in        commercial diving emergencies. 17 - Pulmonary Effects of One Week of Repeated Recreational Closed-        Circuit Rebreather Dives in Cold Water. 18 - Hypoxia signatures in closed-circuit rebreather divers 19 - The Normobaric Oxygen Paradox - Hyperoxic Hypoxic Paradox:         A Novel Expedient Strategy in Hematopoiesis Clinical Issues. 24 - Hyperoxic exposure monitoring in diving: A farewell to the UPTD 33 - Longterm ambient hydrocarbon exposure and incidence of         urinary bladder cancer. 34 - Pulmonary barotrauma in SCUBA divingrelated fatalities:         A histological and histomorphometric analysis. 35 - Complete Recovery of an Iatrogenic Venous Gaseous Embolism         (VGE) Clinical Presentation Thanks to a Timely Hyperbaric Oxygen        Therapy (HBOT) Treatment. 16 - Pulmonary ventilation and gas exchange during prolonged         exercise in humans: Influence of dehydration, hyperthermia and        sympathoadrenal activity. 27 - The role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the management of         perioperative peripheral nerve injury: a scoping review of the         literature. 28 - Screening Serum Biomarkers for Rats Preconditioned with         Hyperbaric Oxygen: Potential of Predicting Prognosis for Stroke 36 - Black box of diving accidents: Contribution of forensic underwater        experts to three fatal cases. 37 - Hyperbaric Pressure Effect on Dental Luting Cements 38 - Oxidative Stress Response’s Kinetics after 60 Minutes at Different         (30% or 100%) Normobaric Hyperoxia Exposures 43 - Elevations of Extracellular Vesicles and Inflammatory Biomarkers in        Closed Circuit SCUBA Divers 02 - The role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of          radiation Lesions 25 - High Pressure Diving Nervous Syndrome 26- Ethical considerations regarding animal experimentation 42 - Incidence, outcomes and risk factors of barotrauma in veno-        venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for acute         respiratory distress syndrome 03 - Naval scuba-diving injuries and associated underwater hazards in        Malaysia 04 - Prolonged Extreme Cold Water Diving and the Acute Stress         Response During Military Dive Training 05 - Pulmonary Barotrauma in Divers During Emergency Free Ascent         Training: Review of 124 Cases 29 - Hypobaric hypoxia and cardiac baroreflex sensitivity in young         women 06 - Studies on saturation diving in Poland and practical application of        their findings. Part 2B. Developing a Polish system of saturation         diving in the 1980s and 1990s 30 - Hypoxia briefly increases diuresis but reduces plasma volume by         fuid redistribution in women 31 - A case of transanal barotrauma by high-pressure compressed air         leading to transverse colon perforation with extensive colon         serosal tear 32 - Potential Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Orthodontic         Treatment: A Systematic Review of Animal Studies 39 - Changes in body mass, appetite-related hormones, and appetite         sensation in women during 4 days of hypobaric hypoxic exposure        equivalent to 3,500-m Altitude 40 - Pulmonary Effects of One Week of Repeated Recreational Closed-        Circuit Rebreather Dives in Cold Water 41 - Effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on liver hepatocyte damage        in oral candidiasis immunosuppressed rats
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Back to the menu 20 - Dysbaric osteonecrosis in diving fisherman: a case report 21 - Lung function changes in divers after a single deep helium-        oxygen dive 22 - Hydration status during commercial saturation diving measured         by bioimpedance and urine specific gravity 23 - The Cooperation Databank:  Machine-Readable Science          Accelerates Research Synthesis 44 - Agreement between ultrasonic bubble grades using a handheld         self-positioning Doppler product and 2D cardiac ultrasound 45 - Inner ear decompression illness in divers