Scientific papers 2022 - Part A
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41 - Exponential Relationship Between Maximal Apnea Duration and         Exercise Intensity in Non-apnea Trained Individuals. 7 - Application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in osteoporosis 18 - White Blood Cells, Platelets, Red Blood Cells and Gas Bubbles in         SCUBA Diving: Is There a Relationship? 25 - How to Survive 33 min after the Umbilical of a Saturation Diver         Severed at a Depth of 90 msw? 32 - Protein tau concentration in blood increases after SCUBA diving:         An observational study. 37 - Changes in specific biomarkers indicate cardiac adaptive and         anti-inflammatoryresponse of repeated recreational SCUBA diving 6 - Seizures Caused by Exposure to Hyperbaric Oxygen in Rats Can Be      Predicted by Early Changes in Electrodermal Activity 8 - The Effect of Hemoglobin Concentration on Hyperbaric Oxygen        and Non-hyperbaric Oxygen in the Treatment of Hypertensive        Intracerebral Hemorrhage After Operation at the High Altitude. 14 - Mini Trampoline, a New and Promising Way of SCUBA Diving      Preconditioning to Reduce Vascular Gas Emboli? 16 - Decompression Sickness and Arterial Gas Embolism 17 - Systematic Review and Dosage Analysis: Hyperbaric Oxygen         Therapy Efficacy in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Persistent Post         Concussion Syndrome. 28 - Pulmonary Oxygen Toxicity Through Exhaled Breath Markers After        Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Table 6 30 - Comparison of newer hand-held ultrasound devices for post-pive         venous gas emboli quantification to standard echocardiography. 31 - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: An Overview 1 - Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibition Is Protective in       Hyperoxia-Induced Lung Injury 9 - Hyperbaric Exposure of Scuba Divers Affects the Urinary Excretion      of Nucleic Acid Oxidation Products and Hypoxanthine 13 - An Introduction to Reactive Oxygen Species 20 - Effect of a Single Simulated 500m Saturation Dive on Lung         Function 21 - The increased protein tau in blood after SCUBA diving can be         related to distal arterial bubbles 22 - Post-decompression bubble and inflammation interactions: a         non-extensive dynamical system model 26 - Chest CT scan for the screening of air anomalies at risk of         pulmonary barotrauma for the initial medical assessment of        fitness to dive in a military population 19 - Volatile Organic Compounds Frequently Identified after          Hyperbaric Hyperoxic Exposure: The VAPOR Library. 3 - Pulmonary Barotrauma in patient suffering from COVID-19 5 - Pulmonary barotrauma in COVID-19: A systematic review and       meta-analysis. 10 - Ceiling-controlled versus staged decompression: comparison       between decompression duration and tissue tensions. 11 - Diving after COVID-19: an update to fitness to dive assessment         and medical guidance.  12 - Hyperbaric Oxygen for Lower Limb Trauma (HOLLT): an         international multi-centre randomised clinical trial  15 - Electricians' Health After Electrical Shocks: A Prospective Cohort         Study. 23 - Recognition of a Drowning Victim by Bystanders: A Scoping         Review. 27 - Seasickness among Icelandic seamen 33 - The role of routine pulmonary imaging before hyperbaric oxygen        treatment 34- Does Military High-speed Boat Slamming Cause Severe Injuries         and Disability? 35 - Hypercapnia from Physiology to Practice 36 - Effects of Electrical Current Passing Through the Human Body         and Safety Requirements 38 - Comparison of treatment recompression tables for neurologic         decompression illness in swine model. 39 - Dopamine/BDNF loss underscores narcosis cognitive impairment        in divers: a proof of concept in a dry condition. 2 - Macklin effect on baseline chest CT scan accurately predicts       barotrauma in COVID-19 patients. 29 - Pneumoscrotum, a rare presentation of barotrauma following         noninvasive positive pressure ventilation in patients with severe        COVID-19 pneumonia. Next page Next page BUTTON TEXT Previous page 4 - Effect of hyperbaric exposure on pulmonary functions in       hyperbaric chamber inside attendants 24 - Does hyperbaric oxygen cause narcosis or hyperexcitability?         A quantitative EEG analysis 40 - Self-reported respiratory outcomes associated with blast exposure        in post 9/11 veterans