Vessel design, maintenance, & management 1990 - 2017
2 - US Navy: Requirements for fabrication welding, and inspection,        and casing inspection, and repair for machinery, piping, and       pressure vessels. 3 - US Navy: Naval ships’ technical manual - Chapter 096 - Weights       and stability 4 - US Navy: Naval ships’ technical manual - Chapter 613 - Wire and       fiber rope and rigging. 7 - US Navy Towing manual 9 - Wave synchronizing crane control during water entry in offshore       moonpool operations – Experimental results.       Authors: Tor A. Johansen; Thor I. Fossen; Svein I. Sagatun; and Finn G. Nielsen. 10 - U.S. Navy surface ship (non-submarine) authorized chemical          cleaning products and dispensing systems catalog , revision 1 11 - US Navy: Guidelines and requirements for lithium batteries 12 - Technology guidelines for efficient design and operation of ship         propulsors 13 - US Navy: Electromagnetic radiation hazards 15 - US Navy: Naval ships’ technical manual - chapter 583 - Volume         1– Boats and small craft. 28 -  US Navy: Handbook of shipboard electromagnetic shielding          practices 14 - US Navy: Naval ship’ technical manual -  chapter 075 - Fasteners 32 -  US Navy: Electrical workmanship inspection guide for surface          ships and  submarine 41 - US Navy: Corrosion control assessment and maintenance          manual 46 - Saving Time by Tip Control & Automation of Knuckle and Boom          Hydraulic Crane:          Authors: Sandipa Chakraborty & Rakesh Meena 6 - Dynamic Positioning of a Pipeline Launching Barge 16 -  Structural redundancy in an offshore vessel dynamic positioning         system. 26 -  UK Marine Coast Guards Agency: Code of Safe Working          Practices for Merchant Seamen 30 -  A Novel Methodology for Robust Dynamic Positioning of Marine         Vessels: Theory and Experiments 37 -  Dynamic Positioning System as Dynamic Energy Storage on         Diesel-Electric Ships 39 - Advanced sensor positioning and monitoring system 40 - Analysis of Ship Accidents due to Marine Engine Failure 20 -  Fouling control using air bubble curtains: protection for          stationary vessels 21 -  National Biofouling Management Guidance for Non-trading          Vessels 23 -  National Biofouling Management Guidance for the petroleum          and exploration industry 24 -  National Biofouling Management Guidance for commercial          vessels 29 -  Testing the efficacy of heated seawater for managing biofouling          in ship’s sea chests 34 -  Report on the invasive species component of the MEDA's TDA &         SAP for the ASCLME project 42 - Ballast water treatment systems 45 - In-water systems to remove or treat biofouling in vessel 48 - Diver deployed autonomous time-lapse camera systems for         ecological studies 49 - Bureau Veritas: Rules for the Certification of Lifting Appliances         onboard Ships and Offshore Units.
5 - Bureau Veritas: Rules for the Classification of High Speed Craft 8 - DNV - Rules for classification       Chapter 10 Vessels for special operations 43 - DNV - Rules for classification - General regulations 44 - Lloyd’s Register: Rules & regulations for the classification of ships
Next page Next page 17 - Multi-hull Ships: Designing 19 - Multi-hull Ships: Strength 25 -  Lifeboat Habitability and Effects on Human Subjects 27 -  Wear and friction modelling on lifeboat launch slipway panels 36 -  Multibody dynamics model and simulation for the totally          enclosed lifeboat lowered from ship in rough seas. 18 - Survival crafts 22 - Deck barge safety 31 -  Design verification of winch for offshore cranes 33 -  Ship operation in winter and ice conditions 38 -  Utilization of an active and/or passive heave compensation in          the equipment of dynamic positioning vessels 47 - Experimental and numerical study on coupled motion responses        of a floating crane vessel and a lifted subsea manifold in deep         water 1 - Cold weather handbook for surface ships (US Navy) 35 -  Logistics specialists (US Naval education and training command) Back to the menu
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