Vessel design, maintenance, & management 2018 - now
BUTTON TEXT Previous page 03 - Dynamic positioning system - a definitive step towards         autonomus ships 04 -  Smart Controller for Dynamic Positioning of Ship 14 -  The analysis of overall ship fuel consumption in acceleration           manoeuvre using hull propeller engine interaction principles           and governor features. 02 - International Union for Conservation of Nature - Guidelines for        invasive species planning and management on islands 06 -  Biofouling on Vessels Arriving to New Zealand 07 - Guidance Document for the Craft Risk Management Standard for        Biofouling 08 - Advice to shipping: New Zealand's new biofouling requirements. 16 - Guide on best practices of biofouling management in the Baltic          sea. 17 - Marine Biofouling: A European Database for the Marine          Renewable Energy Sector. 20 - Template for a biofouling management plan 09 - American Bureau of Shipping: Portable accomodation modules 10 - American Bureau of Shipping: Underwater noise 11 - Bureau Veritas: Certification scheme of materials and equipment         for the classification of marine units. 18 - American Bureau of Shipping: Conditions of classification
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29 - Dynamic positioning committee - website 01 - Bureau Veritas - Rules for the Classification of Crew Boat 12 - Bureau Veritas: Wind Farms Service Ships 13 -  The Experiment of Producing Freshwater from the Air Using          Thermoelectric Cooler for the Need of Drinking Water in a           Lifeboat 15 - Decreasing of Ship Structure Mass by Active Counteraction to         Bending Moment 21 - CFD analyses on the water entry process of a freefall lifeboat 22 - Boat overloading indicator 23 - The optimum configuration of solar PV system from conventional        fishing boat towards e-Boat 12 GT. 24 - Design Approach for Additive Manufacturing of a Dynamically         Functioning System: Lifeboat Hook 25 - Investigation of boat motion on occupant in patrol boat 27 - Determining the drift characteristics of open lifeboats based on         large-scale drift experiments. 05 - Deck cargo management onboard offshore vessels 30 - Aspects regarding the Use of Hydraulic Motors 19 - Guidelines for inspection and maintenance of mooring         equipment including lines 22 - Wind Propulsion Systems 26 - Superhydrophobic Lubrication: Gas–Liquid Bilayer Reduces the         Friction Between Two Solids 28 - Research on Damage of Underwater Shock Waves at Multiple         Explosion Points to Ships 31- Simulation of Shockwave Effects on a Ship-like Structure due to         Underwater Explosions Back to the menu
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32 - Preparation and characterization of new antifouling coating         based on alkyd paint modified with hydrophobic cationic biocide