Underwater mapping 2022 - 2023
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BUTTON TEXT Previous page 03 - Underwater Localization and Mapping Based on Multi-Beam         Forward Looking Sonar 04 - Towards seafloor mapping using an affordable micro-UUV 06 - Virtual maps for autonomous exploration of cluttered         underwater environments 07 - Authentication of Underwater Assets 09 - An Underwater Cooperative Spectrum Sharing Protocol for a         Centralized Underwater Cognitive Acoustic Network. 11 - A Novel Underwater Image Enhancement Algorithm and an        Improved Underwater Biological Detection Pipeline. 13 - Fundamentals of underwater acoustics  16 - On the independence of conditions in the definition of linear         mapping.  17 - Underwater Acoustic Ranging Between Smartphones  02 - A Comprehensive Comparison and Analysis of Several        Intensity Modulations Based on the Underwater Photon-        Counting Communication System 08 - Underwater Transmitted Wavefront Manipulation Based on         Bubble-Arrayed Acoustic Metasurfaces 12 - Marine priority habitat mapping in a Mediterranean         conservation area (Gyaros, South Aegean) through         multi-platform marine remote sensing techniques. 14 - Underwater image restoration through regularization of         coherent structures  01 - Learning multiscale pipeline gated fusion for underwater         image enhancement. 05 - Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging of Arctic Macroalgal         Habitats during the Polar Night Using a Novel Mini-ROV-UHI        Portable System. 10 - Lighting the darkness in the sea: A deep learning model for         underwater image enhancement. 15 - Underwater Optical-Sonar Image Fusion Systems  18 - A review of underwater acoustic metamaterials for underwater        acoustic equipment.  22 - An End-to-End Underwater-Image-Enhancement Framework         Based on Fractional Integral Retinex and Unsupervised        Autoencoder.  19 - Angular Spectrum of Acoustic Pulses at Long Ranges.  23 - Single underwater image enhancement based on adaptive         correction of channel differential and fusion.  24 - Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Underwater  26 - Underwater environment laser ghost imaging based on Walsh        speckle patterns  27 - A Transfer-Based Framework for Underwater Target Detection        from Hyperspectral Imagery.  30 - Fast underwater image enhancement based on a generative        adversarial framework.  31 - FLSea: Underwater Visual-Inertial and Stereo-Vision Forward-        Looking Datasets.  32 - A New Method for Training CycleGAN to Enhance Images of        Cold Seeps in the Qiongdongnan Sea  21 - Flow current field observation with underwater moving         acoustic tomography  33 - Towards Mapping of Underwater Structures by a Team of         Autonomous Underwater Vehicles   34 - Reinforcement learning with parameterized action space and         sparse reward for UAV navigation   35 - A bio-inspired algorithm in image-based path planning and         localization using visual features and maps   20 - An Underwater Target Ranging System based on Binocular         Vision  25 - From shallow sea to deep sea: research progress in underwater        image restoration  28 - Polarization-based underwater geolocalization with deep         learning  29 - Underwater 3D positioning on smart devices