Underwater mapping 1980 - 2021
1 -  Recent Advances in Accurate Underwater Mapping and        Inspection Techniques 2 -  HAWAII MR1:  A New Underwater Mapping Tool 3 - Bringing geoheritage underwater - Mapping in the shallow       water 4 - A new approach for Visual Underwater Mapping using       Topological Shell Maps 5 - Effificient Image Mosaicing for Optical Underwater Mapping 6 - FFT-based Terrain Segmentation for Underwater Mapping 7 - New advances in diver-towed underwater GPS receivers 8 - Towards three-dimensional underwater mapping without       odometry 9 - The NOPTILUS project overview: A fully-autonomous navigation      system ofteams of AUVs for static/dynamic underwater map       construction 10 - High-Resolution Underwater Mapping Using Side-Scan Sonar 12 - Real-time adaptive multi-robot exploration with application to         underwater map construction 13 - Underwater Iceberg Profiling and Motion Estimation using         Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 14 - Surface meshing of underwater maps from highly defective         point sets 15 - 3D Grid Map Transmission for Underwater Mapping and          Visualization under Bandwidth Constraints 16 - The preliminary assessment of reson hydrobat multibeam          echosounder for seabed and underwater structures mapping        under the pier 17 - 3d sequential mosaicing for underwater navigation and         mapping 18 - Underwater Photogrammetry Application for Coral Reef         Mapping and Monitoring 19 - Direct estimation of the relative orientation in underwater         environment 21 - Performance of different classifiers for marine habitat mapping        using side-scan  sonar and object-based image analysis 23 - Underwater Ambient Noise 24 - Underwater hyperspectral imaging technology and its         applications for detecting and mapping the seafloor: A review  26 - Weibull tone mapping for underwater imagery
28 - A portable opto-acoustic survey solution for mapping of         underwater targets
30 - Unpaired Underwater Image Synthesis with a Disentangled         Representation for Underwater Depth Map Prediction
31 - Controlled experiment of underwater vision-based mapping:          A preliminary evaluation
32 - Algorithm of Dynamic Forming One Whole Raster Photo Map        of the Seabed During its Shooting by an Autonomous         Uninhabited Underwater Vehicle
33 - Chromatic weibull tone mapping for underwater image         enhansement
34 - Shallow Depth SIFT Based Approach for Mapping underwater        surfaces using AUV's
35 - Review of Underwater Sensing Technologies and Applications
36 - Subtidal Natural Hard Substrate Quantitative Habitat Mapping:        Interlinking Underwater Acoustics and Optical Imagery with         Machine Learning
37 - High spatial resolution underwater data for mapping seagrass        transplantation: A powerful tool for visualization and analysis 38 - Hybrid Visual SLAM for Underwater Vehicle Manipulator         Systems 42 - Restoration of underwater images using depth and         transmission map estimation, with attenuation priors 11- A Review of the emerging field of underwater mass spectrometry 29 - Underwater Acoustic Source Localization via Kernel Extreme         Learning Machine.  39 - Underwater Sound Propagation Modeling in a Complex          Shallow Water Environment. 20 - Underwater Bed Profile Generation 25 - Underwater Acoustic Environment of Coastal Sea With Heavy        shipping Traffic: NE Baltic Sea During Wintertime  27 - The Utility of Satellites and Autonomous Remote Sensing          Platforms for Monitoring Offshore Aquaculture Farms: A Case        Study for Canopy Forming Kelps
40 - The Synthesis of Unpaired Underwater Images for Monocular        Underwater Depth Prediction.
Authors: Qi Zhao, Ziqiang Zheng, Huimin Zeng, Zhibin Yu, Haiyong Zheng, and Bing Zheng Underwater environment complexity results that depth estimation in a data-driven manner is still a challenging task. To tackle this problem, The authors propose a system including two modules for underwater image synthesis and underwater depth map estimation.
41 - Multi-Scale Spectral Separability of Submerged Aquatic          Vegetation Species in a Freshwater Ecosystem
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