Studies of ROV concepts 2021
12 -  Review on unmanned underwater robotics, structure designs,         materials, sensors, actuators, and navigation control. 14 - Safe & collaborative autonomous underwater docking. 27 - A method for supervisory control of manipulator of underwater        vehicle 29 - Investigation of the spatio-temporal behaviour of submarine         groundwater discharge using a low-cost multi-sensor-platform. 31 - Navigation of underwater drones and integration of acoustic         sensing with onboard inertial navigation system. 2 - Thrust force evaluation for a ROV (Remont Operating Vehicle)         propeller 3 - ROV navigation in a fish cage with laser-camera triangulation. 4 - The Concept of the Unmanned Surface Vehicle for the          Observation-class ROV. 9 -  Design, Performance Evaluation and Field Test of a Water Jet       Tool for ROV Trencher 10 -  ROV launch and recovery from an unmanned autonomous          surface vessel – Hydrodynamic modelling and system          integration. 17 - Development of a Navigation and Position Tracking System for        a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) – ORCA. 20 - Design and Development of SelamDrone Underwater ROV         Manoeuvring Control 32 - Dynamic characteristics of deep-sea ROV umbilical cables         under complex sea conditions 33 - Investigating the winch performance in an ASV/ROV         autonomous inspection system. 35 - From market-ready ROVs to low-cost AUVs 36 - Double-Loop Sliding Mode Controller with an Ocean Current        Observer for the Trajectory Tracking of ROV. 38 - Four propellers submarine drone modelling in a real         environment. 40 - Catching jellies in immersive virtual reality: A comparative         teleoperation study of ROVs in underwater capture tasks. 41 - Cost-effective Remote Operated Vehicle 42 - Multiple Bio-Inspired Father–Son Underwater Robot for         Underwater Target Object Acquisition and Identification. 47 - Trajectory tracking control of ROVs considering external         disturbances and measurement noises using ESKF-based MPC. 49 - Operational failure assessment of Remotely Operated Vehicle         (ROV) in harsh offshore environments. 50 - Stereo Vision System for Vision-Based Control of Inspection-         Class ROVs. 6 - Experimental Validation of Wave Induced Disturbances for       Predictive Station Keeping of a Remotely Operated Vehicle. 23 - Application of Adaptive and Switching Control for Contact         Maintenance of a Robotic Vehicle-Manipulator System for         Underwater Asset Inspection 43 - Development of the autonomous underwater noise recorder 46 - Simulation model for energy consumption and acoustic         underwater communication of autonomous underwater         vehicles 53 - Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Internet of Underwater         Things: A Survey 44 - Mobile robot 3D trajectory estimation on a multilevel surface         with multimodal fusion of 2D camera features and a 3D light         detection and ranging point cloud 45 - Parameter optimization of unmanned surface vessel propulsion        motor based on BAS-PSO 1 - Solar powered ROV electric propulsion and control 48 - Prototyping and Stabilizing of Under-Actuated Remotely         Operated Vehicle (ROV) using Fuzzy PID Control Algorithm. 51 - A Laser Vision System for Relative 3-D Posture Estimation of an        Underwater Vehicle with Hemispherical Optics. 5 - Underwater docking approach and homing to enable persistent      operation 11 - Unity Underwater ROV Simulator 28 - Offshore inspection mission modelling for an ASV/ROV system Next page Next page BUTTON TEXT Previous page 8 -  Underwater Acoustic Source Localization via Kernel Extreme         Learning Machine 7 -  Vision Positioning-Based Estimation Method and Its Simulation        Studies on State of Underwater Manipulator 15 - Fish Lateral Line-Inspired Flow Sensors and Flow-Aided Control:        A Review 16 - Soft Origami Optical Sensing Actuator for Underwater         Manipulation 19 - Applications of Bio-inspired Reversible Dry and Wet Adhesives:        A Review 24 - A Perspective on Cephalopod Mimicry and Bioinspired         Technologies toward Proprioceptive Autonomous Soft Robots 25 - Bioinspired Underwater Adhesion to Rough Substrates         through Cavity Collapse of Cupped Microstructures 26 - The conception and exploration of the underwater vehicle          simulator 34 - Investigation of a New Hovering Autonomous Underwater         Vehicle for Underwater Missions 39 - Underwater Crawling Robot With Hydraulic Soft Actuators 52 - Rigid-Soft Interactive Design of a Lobster-Inspired Finger         Surface for Enhanced Grasping Underwater Back to the menu
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13 - Deep learning with self supervision and uncertainty regularization        to count fish in underwater images 18 - Actuation technologies for Soft robot grippers and manipulators:         A review 22 - Robust Underwater Fish Detection Using an Enhanced         Convolutional Neural Network 30 - Underwater image enhancement algorithm based on Retinex         and wavelet fusion 37 - Adaptive Navigation Algorithm with Deep Learning for         Autonomous Underwater Vehicle 21 - Multi-Link and AUV-Assisted Energy-Efficient Underwater         Emergency Communications.