Studies of ROV concepts 2020
8 - Development and application of a temperature gradient       detector for manned underwater robot. 9 - Rendering ROV Rolling Motion on a Handheld Haptic Device. 18 -  Motion control of a two-degree-of-freedom linear resonant          actuator without a mechanical spring 30 -  Analysis of the Impact of different angles of thrusters in          underwater vehicles on thrust force in CAD environment 37 -  Localisation of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) in          complex and confined environments: A review, 6 - SAUV—A Bio-Inspired Soft-Robotic Autonomous Underwater.       Vehicle 7 - Underwater Robotics Competitions: The European Robotics       League Emergency Robots Experience With FeelHippo AUV. 10 - Enhancing the Scientific Value of Industry Remotely Operated          Vehicles (ROVs) in Our Oceans. 12 - Investigating PID Control for Station Keeping ROVs 14 -  Underwater No-Reference Image Quality Assessment for          Display Module of ROV 17 -  Experimental Force Data of a Restrained ROV under Waves and          Current. 21 -  Fusing ROV-based photogrammetric underwater imagery          with multibeam soundings for reconstructing wrecks in turbid         waters. 22 -  Rendering ROV Rolling Motion on a Handheld  Haptic Device 23 -  Proposed Mathematical Modeling of Small RemotelyOperated          Vehicle (ROV) Movement 27 -  A better ROV/AUV for behavioral ecology 31 - Operating Cabled Underwater Observatories in Rough Shelf-         Sea Environments: A Technological Challenge. 33 - Remote Vessel Inspections with an ROV using Livestreaming 38 - The Use of a UVC Lamp Incorporated With an ROV to Prevent         Biofouling: A Proof-of-Concept Study 39 - The preliminary of Design and Movement of Remotely         Operated Vehicle (ROV) 28 - Eye Gaze Map as an Effificient State Encoder for Underwater         Task Automation 5 - Target tracking control of underactuated autonomous        underwater vehicle based on adaptive nonsingular terminal       sliding mode control Next page Next page BUTTON TEXT Previous page 4 -  Geometric Insight into the Control Allocation Problem for        Open-Frame ROVs and Visualisation of Solution. 26 -  First-Order Dynamic Modeling and Control of Soft Robots 34 -  Preliminary Work on a Virtual Reality Interface for the          Guidance of Underwater Robots. 34 - Improved Deployable Defense against BGP Hijacking 25 -  Applying a Low Cost, Mini Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)         to Assess an Ecological Baseline of an Indigenous Seascape in         Canada 2 -  Hands in the Real World 3 -  Enhanced flow sensing with interfacial microstructures 15 -  Switchable Underwater Adhesion by Deformable Cupped           Microstructures 16 - The Analysis of Biomimetic Caudal Fin Propulsion Mechanism         with CFD 19 - A soft manipulator for efficient and delicate grasping in         shallow water: Modeling. Control, and real-world experiments 20 - An Untethered Brittle Star-Inspired Soft Robot for closed-Loop        Underwater Locomotion 29 - Simulation and Experimental Study on Deformation         Characteristics of the Water Hydraulic Flexible Actuator Used         for the Underwater Gripper 32 - Study on Unmanned Hybrid Unmanned Surface Vehicle and        Unmanned Underwater Vehicle System
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1 -  Robust Underwater Object Detection with Autonomous        Underwater Vehicle: A Comprehensive Study 11 - Motion control of unmanned underwater vehicles via deep         imitation reinforcement learning algorithm 13 - Dynamic Control of Multi-Section Three-Dimensional Continuum        anipulators Based on Virtual Discrete-Jointed Robot Models 24 - Research development of soft manipulator: A review 35 -  AI, Machine Learning, seen revolutionizing undersea activities 36 -  Future Vision for Autonomous Ocean Observations 40 - Underwater target recognition methods based on the         framework of deep learning: A survey 41 - A Review of Machine Learning Path Planning Algorithms for         Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) in Internet of         Underwater Things (IoUT)