Underwater archeology - Papers from 1960 to 2011
15 - ROV investigation of the DMK U-166 shipwreck site to         document archeological and biological aspects of the wreck         site - NOAA report. 26 - Underwater Archeology Missions Design for Data Gathering         Automation 34 - The 2005 Chios Ancient Shipwreck Survey 50 - Surface Reconstruction of Maltese Cisterns Using ROV Sonar         Data for Archeological Study. 51 - Techniques for Underwater Exploration and Archeology          through Swarms of Autonomous Vehicles 3 - Supporting underwater archeology with ocean technology 19 - Iron, steel & steamship archaeology 42 - ARS Shipwreck projects Dominican Republic Vol. 1 1 - Georges F. Bass: Archeology beneath the sea 4 - Georges F. Bass: Ships and shipwrecks of the americas 17 - Georges F. Bass: Beneath the seven seas 36 - James William Hunter: HMQS Mosquito: the rediscovery and       identification of Queensland’s first warship. 2 - Nicholas C. Flemming: Ice Age and Human Occupation of the       continental Shelf. 6 - James P. Delgado &  Mark Staniforth: Underwater archaeology 9 - Manual for Activities directed at Underwater Cultural Heritage       Guidelines to the Annex of the UNESCO 2001 Convention. 18 - ICOMOS: Underwater cultural heritage at risk: managing         natural and human impacts (marine agregate and prehistory) 21 - Report on the wreck of the Sub Marine Explorer (1865) at  Isla         San Telmo, Archipielago de las Perlas, Panama, and the 2006        fieldwork  season - Author: M. McCarthy 25 - Corrosion studies on the USS Arizona with application to a         Japanese midget submarine. 8 - Training Manual for the UNESCO Foundation Course on the       Protection and Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage       in Asia and the Pacific. 11 - Second world war underwater cultural heritage management        in Saipan. 13 - Coastal and marine palaeo-environments and human dispersal        points across the Africa-Eurasia boundary. 28 - Conservation, and Presentation of Underwater Cultural         Heritage to the Public - The current projects in Belgium. 45 - The Yenikapı Project: Continuing Research on Two Byzantine          Shipwrecks from Constantinople’s Theodosian Harbor. 24- Managing the marine cultural heritage: Defining, accessing,         and managing the resource. 30 - In Situ Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Public, Professionals         and Preservation. 20 - The Maritime Archaeology and Maritime Cultural Landscapes of         Queenscliffe:  A Nineteenth Century Australian Coastal         Community - Author: Brad Duncan 32 - A Swedish man-of-war in Dutch waters.       Author: Alice Overmeer 35 - The protection of the underwater cultural heritage: Significance        assessment. 5 - Archeological heritage management in Dutch waters:       Exploratory studies - Author: Thijs Maarlrveld 27 - Conservation, and presentation of underwater cultural heritage        to the public - Case study: The current projects in Belgium 31 - The “J boat” class submarine study.       Author: M Mc carthy 49 - A tale of two shipwrecks: US steamer convoy & confedarate         schooner William Judah. Next page Next page
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10 - Deep Structures:  An Examination of Deliberate Watercraft         Abandonment in Australia 23 - The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology - 2007 -         Review of publications. 37 - Iron, steel and steamship archaeology in Western Australia: SS        Xantho after twenty years and other developments. 38 - The  Last Dive 39 - The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology - 2010 -         Review of publications.. 41 - Underwater Cultural Heritage & UNESCO in  New Orleans:         An Introduction 44 - An outline of the nature of the threat to underwater cultural         heritage in international waters. 12 - The Ethics of Shipwreck Archaeology 29 - Archeology overview & Remote sensing survey for maritime  ressources Maryland states waters from the ocean city inlet to the  Virginia line worcester country, Maryland. 33 - International approaches to Underwater cultural heritage 40 - Deep-submergence archeology 46 - Of his bone are coral made: Submeged cultural resources site          formation processes and multiple scales of interpretation in          coastal Ghana 14 - Historic aircraft wrecks as archaeological sites 16 - Çehme-Baglararas: A New Excavation in Western Anatolia 22 - A Year in Review: 2006 Program in Maritime Archaeology 43 - The New South Wales Shipwreck Spotters Program 47 - Busselton Jetty: On-site conservation survey report &         Quindalup Jetty: On site conservation report 48 - Nordic Blue Parks 7 - Manual for Activities directed at Underwater Cultural Heritage