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Next page Next page BUTTON TEXT Previous page 16 - M. Lang & A. Brubakk: The future of diving: 100 years of haldane          and beyond. 28 - Hyperbaric stress in divers and non-divers: Neuroendocrine and         psychomotor responses 6 - Jean-Eric Blatteau & Jean-Michel Pontier: Effect of in-water       recompression with oxygen to 6 msw versus normobaric oxygen      breathing on bubble formation in divers 15 - Pre-dive normobaric oxygen reduces bubble formation in scuba        divers.       Authors: Olivier Castagna, Emmanuel Gempp, Jean-Eric Blatteau 14 - Avid J Doolette, Wayne A Gerth, Keith A Gault: Risk of central         nervous system decompression sickness in air diving to no-stop         limits.  37 - Emmanuel Gempp, Jean-Eric Blatteau: Preconditioning methods        and mechanisms for preventing the risk of decompression         sickness in scuba divers: A review 44 - High incidence of venous and arterial gas emboli at rest after         trimix diving without protocol violations 2 - Decompression to altitude: assumptions, experimental evidence,      and future directions. 5 - Risk factors and treatment outcome in scuba divers with spinal       cord decompression sickness. 12 - Effect of oxygen breathing and perfluorocarbon emulsion         treatment on air bubbles in adipose tissue during decompression        sickness. 13 - Pre-dive vibration effect on bubble formation after a 30-m dive         requiring a decompression stop 26 - Effect of in-water oxygen prebreathing at different depths on         decompression-induced bubble formation and platelet activation. 29 - Prognostic factors of spinal cord decompression sickness in         recreational diving: Retrospective and multicentric analysis of 279         cases. 35 - Recompression and adjunctive therapy for decompression illness:          A systematic review of randomized controlled trials 1 - UK - HSE - Review of diver noise exposure
Authors: T G Anthony, N A Wright, M A Evans (QinetiQ) This UK HSE document is a review of diver noise exposure encompassing diver hearing, noise sources, exposure levels, and control measures. This document, which takes into account other studies available in our database can be considered one of the most appropriate and easiest to implement. It can be downloaded from our database by clicking on the picture, or from the UK HSE website through this link:
38 - Endurance exercise immediately before sea diving reduces         bubble formation in scuba divers 40 - Evaluation of critical flicker fusion frequency and perceived fatigue        in divers after air and enriched air nitrox diving 9 - Dual-frequency ultrasound detection of stationary microbubbles      in tissue. 11 - Signals consistent with microbubbles detected in legs of normal         human subjects after exercise 34 - Free energy wells for small gas bubbles in soft deformable         materials. 43 - Microparticles initiate decompression-induced neutrophil         activation and subsequent vascular injuries. 10 - Pulmonary gas exchange in diving 33 - Free radicals, antioxidants and functional foods: Impact on human        health. 20 - Prognostic Significance of Sympathetic Nervous System Activation        in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension 32 - Effects of hyperoxia on ventilation and pulmonary hemodynamics        during immersed prone exercise at 4.7 ATA: possible implications        for immersion pulmonary edema 39 - Thalmann Algorithm Decompression Table Generation Software        Design Document 8 - Water-power: High pressure water jets and devastating lower       limb injury 27 - Barrier Function Nonlinear Optimization for Optimal         Decompression of Divers. 23 - The clinical utility of long-term humidification therapy in chronic          airway disease 36 - Taravana: Documentation of Bubbles by Computerized         Tomography 17 - Evaluation of decompression tables by Doppler technique in         caisson work in the Netherlands 21 - Vestibular effects of diving - a 6-year prospective study 24 - Paget-Schroetter Syndrome: Review of Pathogenesis and         Treatment of Effort Thrombosis 30 - An Estimation of the Extent of Animal Use in Research in Brazil, as        Determined by Bibliographic Sampling from Journals Published in        the State of Paraná 31 - Cellular Effects of Helium in Different Organs
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Back to the menu 3 - Resolution and Severity in Decompression Illness 7 - Circulating Venous Bubbles in Children After Diving 18 - Hyperbaric chamber attendant safety I: Doppler Analysis of         Decompression Stress in multiplace chamber attendants. 19 - Analysis of two datasets of divers with actual or suspected         decompression illness 22 - Decompression sickness in breath-hold divers: A review 25 - Future synergism in diving accident management: The Singapore        model. 42 - A case of decompression illness during saturation diving 41 - Venous and Arterial Bubbles at Rest after No-Decompression Air         Dives. 45 - Deadly diving? Physiological and behavioural management of         decompression stress in diving mammals. 4 - Bubble Formation and Endothelial Function Before and After 3       Months of Dive Training