First aid
1 -  European community - Council Directive 92/29/ EEC.
The documents are classified chronologically, starting with the oldest at the beginning of the list.
2 - Management of seriously ill patients in the hyperbaric chamber. 4 - Basic life support - CPR 5 - Medical equipment for multiplace hyperbaric chambers      Part 2: Ventilators. 6 - World Health Organization - International Medical guide for       ships - rev. 3 7 - Emergent Pelvic Fixation in Patients with Exsanguinating Pelvic       Fractures. 8 - Student drug reference manual 9 - International maritime health: Guidance to the International       Medical Guide for Ships 3 rd  edition - Interim advice regarding      the best use of the medical chest for ocean-going merchant       vessels without a doctor onboard. 10 - World Health Organization - Quantification Addendum:         International Medical Guide for Ships, 3rd  Edition. 13 - Prehospital Trauma care: A clinical review 14 - DAN Medical - D-MAS HyperSat 2540 - Instructions for use 15 - Report on tests of Zoll automatic external defibrillator function        in hyperbaric heliox conditions. 16 - Pelvic Stabilization Devices 5 Reasons to Choose T-POD         Responder for Your EMS or Hospital Critical Care Team 18 - Tactically Advanced Lifesaving Intraosseous Needle - use 17 - Arrow - eZ-io insertion Talon & Power driver 19 - T-PODResponder™ Pelvic Stabilization Device Training 20 - Portable Hyperbaric Chamber and Management of         Hypothermia and Frostbite: An Evident Utilization. 21 - Medical devices and procedures in the hyperbaric chamber 23 - Comparison of Two Intraosseous Devices: The NIO Versus the        EZ-IO by Novice Users-A Randomized Cross Over Trial. 24 - Alterations in Cerebral Blood Flow after Resuscitation from          Cardiac Arrest 26 - Pre-hospital management of decompression illness: expert         review of key principles and controversies. 28 - Advanced trauma life support 30 - Choosing appropriate size of I-gel for initial sucess insertion: a         prospective comparative study. 33 - Modeling cardiac dysfunction following traumatic hemorrhage        injury: Impact on myocardial integrity. 34 - MSN 1905 - Ship’s medical stores 35 - Operating on a Stretcher is a Safe Alternative to An Operating        Room Table. 36 - Ergonomic study of stretcher for rescuer to lift drown body 37 - Effects of an automated external defibrillator with additional         video instructions on the quality of cardiopulmonary        resuscitation 38 - Emergency Medicine Cases in Underwater and Hyperbaric         Environments: The Use of in situ Simulation as a Learning         Technique 40 - Clinical Management of Intraosseous Access in Adults in         Critical Situations for Health Professionals. 44 - NUI Compact chest compression device (NCCD) - User         manual 46 - Nurse’s Experiences in Handling Stretcher Patients on         Commercial Medical Escort in Indonesia: A Qualitative Study. 29 - The impact of SimMan on resident training in emergency skills 41 - Optimization of Multi-Objective Mobile Emergency Material          Allocation for Sudden Disasters 42  - Recent advances in the use of high flow nasal oxygen         therapies 22 - Hydrogen sulphide 32 - Circumstances, outcome and quality of cardiopulmonary         resuscitation  By lifeboat crews.  39 - Performance of Basic Life Support by Lifeboat Crewmembers         While Wearing a Survival Suit and Life Vest: A Randomized         Controlled Trial. 43 - Oxygen-induced hypercapnia: physiological mechanisms and        clinical implications. 11 - Fatal hydrogen sulphide poisoning in unconfined spaces 25 - European regulation 2017 on medical devices, amending          Directive 2001/83/EC, Regulation No  178/2002 and        Regulation No 1223/2009 and repealing Council Directives       90/385/EEC and 93/42/EEC 27 - Carbon monoxide poisoning. 45 - Exclusive detection of volatile aromatic hydrocarbons using         bilayer oxide chemiresistors with catalytic overlayers 3 - Treatment of compressed-air decompression accidents 12 - Prevention and Treatment of Decompression Sickness and          Arterial Gas Embolism 31 - Hyperbaric treatment for decompression sickness: current         recommendations  47 - Altitude induced decompression sickness