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This page provides videos and animations on Working procedures & Renewable energy
2 - SIMEC Atlantis Energy - Tidal turbines concept presentation
This animation shows the tidal turbine concept proposed by "SIMEC Atlantis Energy" it consists of one or two turbines installed on large piles in the middle of estuaries. These turbines are lowered in the water along the piles to their operational depth and raised above the surface by the opposite maneuver for their maintenance. Address: The Court, The Green, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8PD, UK. Website:
3 - Openhydro tidal turbine concept
This animation shows the tidal turbine concept proposed by "Openhydro", a company that has disappeared. It consisted of annular turbines with an open centre laid on the seabed.
4 - Tidal Energy: Tidal turbine concept
Tidal Energy Ltd (TEL) installed and tested a full-scale prototype tidal stream generating device known as "DeltaStrea" in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire, in September 2016. The system consists of frames with three turbines that can pivot on their axis. Address: 1st Floor North Anchor Court, Keen Road, Cardiff, Cardiff, CF24 5JW Website:
5 - Orital Marine: Tidal turbine concept
These turbines are installed on a floating platform moored via anchors in a powerful tidal stream or river currents. They are lowered underwater to capture the flowing energy and returned to the surface for their maintenance. Address: Innovation Centre – Orkney, Hatston Pier Road Kirkwall, Orkney. Scotland, KW15 1ZL. Website:
6 - Andritz Hydro: Tidal turbine concept
Andritz Hydro is a global supplier of electromechanical systems and services for hydropower plants and one of the leaders in the world market for hydraulic power generation. Address: Andritz AG - Graz - Stattegger Strasse 18 8045 Graz Austria Phone: +43 316 6902 0 Website:
7 - EDF Renouvelables - How a marine turbine works
"EDF Renouvelables" is the section of Electricity De France (EDF) that builds, operates and maintains renewable energies systems, both for itself and for third parties. Address: Coeur Défense - Tour B 100, Esplanade du Général de Gaulle 92 932 Paris La Défense Phone: +331. Website:
8 - Minestro tidal system
Minesto’s Deep Green technology generates electricity from low-flow tidal streams and ocean currents by a wing that uses the hydrodynamic lift force created by the underwater current to move the kite. With an onboard control system and rudders, the kite is autonomously steered in a pre-determined figure of eight, pushing the turbine through the water. By doing so, the turbine experiences water flow several times higher than the actual stream speed and thus produces electricity. Address: Vita gavelns väg 6 - 426 71 Västra Frölunda - Sweden Phone: +46 (0) 31-29 00 60 Website:
9 - IRENA - VOITH tidal system presentation
The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is an intergovernmental organisation that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future. Address: Masdar City, P.O. Box 236, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates Phone: +97124179000 Website: Voith Group is a manufacturer of technical equipment for hydropower plants and other industries, which operates worldwide and has its headquarters in Heidenheim an der Brenz, Germany Address: Alexanderstraße, 2 89522 Heidenheim an der Brenz, Germany. Phone: +49 7321 370 Website:
10 - An integrated and robust methodology foor mooring monitoring of floating offshore wind turbine
The mission of France Energies Marines is to define, set-up and apply the scientific and technical environment required to overcome the obstacles facing the offshore renewable energies sector. This mission is divided into three main areas: 1. Stimulating the competitiveness of the sector; 2. Enhancing the attractiveness of the territories; 3. Accompanying regional and national authorities. Address: 525 Avenue Alexis de Rochon, 29280 Plouzané, France Phone: +33 2 98 49 98 69 Website:
11 - Wind turbine supporting jacket installation
SPT Offshore: SPT Offshore is one of the leading offshore contractors for suction pile anchors , foundations design, and installation. Website: Visitor address: Korenmolenlaan 2 3447 GG Woerden - The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)88 220 21 21 Dong energy: "Dong energy" has changed its name to become "Orsted". It is the largest developer of offshore wind power with approximately 30% of the global capacity. Main office: Kraftværksvej 53 - Skærbæk - 7000 Fredericia - Denmark Phone:. +45 99 55 11 11
12 - Floating offshore wind turbine platform simulation
Animation provided by Ghent university Ghent University is one of the major universities in Belgium. It conducts in-depth research within a wide range of scientific domains. Website: Address: Campus Ufo, Rectorate - Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25 - 9000 Ghent Phone: +32 9 331 01 01
13 - Pema solutions: Floating wind turbine structures
Pemamek Ltd. Pemamek is a company that designs and manufactures automated welding and production solutions for heavy fabrication industries, such as shipbuilding, wind energy, and power generation industry. Website: Address: Lamminkatu 47, FI-32200 Loimaa, Finland Phone: +35 8105 0161
14 - Interesting Engineering: How do offshore wind turbines work
Interesting Engineering Interesting Engineering is the website and youtube chain of a community of people interested in technology and science.
15 - Siemens: Offshore Wind Farm Installation
Siemens Siemens is a multinational group based in Germany involved in the fabrication of offshore wind turbines, and any other industrial activities Website: Headquarters: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 1 80333 Munich - Germany Phone: +49 (89) 3803 5491 Email:
16 - Sea wind: Two bladed offshore wind turbine build & installation
Sea wind: Sea Wind Group provides assistance to develop renewable energy projects Website: Headquarters: Alter Wall 65 20457 Hamburg, Germany Phone: +49 40 35 983 69 00
17 - University of Exeter: Stability of floating bodies
University of Exeter The University of Exeter is a prestigious public research university based in Exeter, Devon, South West England, United Kingdom. Website:
18 - Fred Olsen Windcarrier: Offshore wind farm installation
Fred. Olsen Windcarrier Fred. Olsen Windcarrier provides transport, installation, and service solutions to support every stage of a wind farm lifecycle Website: Headquarters: Fred. Olsens gate 2, 0152 Oslo, Norway Phone: +47 22 34 10 00
19 - De oude bibliotheek academy - Vertical axis turbines
DOB-Academy is an institute set up by a group of professionals of the offshore energy sector based in the Netherlands. Website: Address: Raam 180 - 2611 WP Delft - The Netherlands Phone: +31 15 24 00 555 : :
20 - IRM Offshore and Marine Engineers Private Limited: Pile gripper & grout seal
IRM Offshore and Marine Engineers Private Limited is a company offering rubber engineering products and services for the shipbuilding industry, maritime infrastructure, offshore oil drilling platforms, Offshore wind energy & naval establishments. Website: Address: Block No. 707, Nandoli Road, Rancharda, Via Thaltej-Shilaj, Ahmedabad-382 115, Gujarat, INDIA. Phone: +91 9727738429
21 - Fluid pumping apparatus powered by waves or flowing currents Inventor: Henry - Lam Teng Choy
This animation shows various solutions of piston pumps powered by waves or flowing currents that can be used to activate generators Contact:
22 - CorPower Ocean
CorPower Ocean is a wave energy technology developer headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with offices in Norway, Scotland and Portugal. The system presented consists of an anchored buoy that moves up and down with the waves. The mechanism that produces electricity is housed in the buoy. It consists of a bidirectional electrical generator activated by a piston and springs. Website: Address: CorPower Ocean, Västberga Allé 60 126 30 Hägersten, Sweden
23 - Usina de Ondas do Pecem (Pecém Wave Plant, CE)
Tested at the port of Pecém, in Ceará, it was the first plant in Latin America to use the movement of sea waves to produce electricity. This facility has been built by Tractabel and the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute Address: Tractebel Engineering S.A. Boulevard Simon Bolivar 34, Brussels, Belgium Tel: +32 2 773 99 11 Website: The Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering is the most important center for research and education in Latin America. It is involved in this project with Tractabel, Address: Technology Management Center Building - CT2 Rua Moniz Aragão, 360, Bloco 1 - Cidade Universitária – Ilha do Fundão CEP 21941-972 Phones: (55 21) 3622-3477 / 3622-3478 E-mail:
24 - Havkraft technology - Wave energy converter
This wave energy converter system can be delivered as an add-on-solution to existing infrastructure or be integrated into a new design. It consists of slightly tilted chambers with the bottom side opened. The waves enter and exit these chambers and act as pistons that compress the air contained in them to a one- way turbine activating a generator. Website: Address: Ulvesundvegen 1 - 6718 Deknepollen - Norway Phone: +47 926 06 075 Email:
25 - Voith - Wave power system
Voith Group is a manufacturer of technical equipment for hydropower plants and other industries, which operates worldwide and has its headquarters in Heidenheim an der Brenz, Germany Website: Address: Alexanderstraße 2 - 89522 Heidenheim an der Brenz - Germany Phone: +49 7321 370
26 - Rohan Patel - patent animation
The animation illustrates the Rohan Patel patent application regarding a wave energy conversion unit concept. The system consists of a buoy anchored by seven lines connected to pivoting levers that activate generators through gears. Website: Email:
27 - SWEL wave energy converter concept
The system is a modular anchored floating carpet that undulates with the waves and which undulations activate levers that in turn activate cylinders that push and draw a hydraulic fluid that rotate a generator through a hydraulic motor. Address: 6 Stanmore Road - London - UK Website: Email:
Sea wave energy limited (SWEL) is a R&D company based in Cyprus & the UK
28 - Eco Wave Power system
EWPG Holding AB (publ) (“Eco Wave Power” or the ”Company“) is a company based in Sweden and Israel that has developed a technology for turning ocean and sea waves into electricity. This system consists of floaters that compress and decompress hydraulic pistons, which transmit hydraulic fluid into land-located accumulators. This accumulated pressure is used to rotate a hydraulic motor, which turns the generator. Address: 7A Strandvägen, Stockholm, 11456, Sweden. Website:
29 - Wave Star energy project
30 - CNA Meccanica system
The system consists of a floater, following the movements of the waves, installed on a facility that activate a generator through gears and a robust lever that links the floater to the gears and pivots up and down and vice versa. Address: C.N.A. Meccanica S.r.l. - Str. Fantasia, 61/1 - 10040 Leinì TO Italy Website: +39 011 997 4303
31 - Wave water workssystem
This system consists of a floater that follows the heaving of the waves and is linked to a frame by a lever that activates a hydraulic cylinder that rotates a generator through a hydraulic motor. Address: Electric utility company, 23164 Commerce Dr, Farmington Hills, MI 48335 - United States Email:
32 - Weptos A/S system
This system, which is fastened to a mooring buoy, is composed of a series of self- buoyant rotors, which rotation around their axis activates generators through dedicated belts and gears. These items are solidarized on a chassis in a V shape whose angle is automatically adjusted according to the hardness of the sea to provide an optimistic yield without damaging the installation. Address: Weptos A/S, Prins Georgs Kvarter 11, 7000 Fredericia, Denmark Website: Phone: +45 7026 0140 Email:
33 - Wave Swell Energy Ltd (WSE)
The Wave Swell Energy (WSE) system is an artificial blowhole consisting of a chamber that is open underneath the waterline where the water rises and falls, forcing the air to pass by a turbine at the top of the chamber. Address: 41 exhibition street Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 Autralia Website: Phone: +61-398358200 Email:
1 - A self installing wind turbine
This animation describes the several steps for the installation of a floating wind turbine. It is published by "Iv-Groep", a consultancy and engineering company involved in installation technology, handling, industry, infrastructure, offshore & energy, maritime, and water market sectors. Website: Address: Noordhoek 37 - 3351 LD Papendrecht - The Netherlands Phone: +31 88 943 3000 Email:
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33 - Apollo Power: Flexible floating Photovoltaic panels installation
Apollo is a flexible solar panels manufacturer headquartered in Israel Address: Creation Street 3 Ramat Gan, 5252141 Israel. Website: Phone: +972 3517 5273
34 - Innosea, Ciel & terre, & Solarplaza: The floating solar plant mooring challenge.
Innosea offers engineering technical consultancy and support services in offshore renewable energies. Address: 1 rue de la Noe, 44321 Nantes – France Website: or Phone: +33 (0) 2 53 35 50 90
Ciel et terre is specialized in floating solar farms mooring systems. Address: 100 avenue Harrison, 59262 Sainghin-en-Mélantois, France. Website: Phone: +33 (0)3 20 01 05 65
Solarplaza International BV is an independent global platform for knowledge, trade and events for the photovoltaic solar energy industry. Address: Conradstraat 18 (E2-166), 3013 AP, Rotterdam. Website: Phone: +31 (0) 10 280 9198
35 - Ocean sun: Kyrholmen floating solar project - Installation
Ocean sun is a company based in Norway specialized in flexible solar panels. Address: Snaroyvein 20, N-1360 Forneby - Norway Website:
36 - Ocean sun: Kyrholmen floating solar project - Rough weather test
Ocean sun is a company based in Norway specialized in flexible solar panels. Address: Snaroyvein 20, N-1360 Forneby - Norway Website:
37 - Romande Energie Holding SA: A floating solar farm in alpine environment
Romande Energie Holding SA is a Switzerland-based holding company engaged in the production and distribution of electricity. Website:
38 - Sirindhorn dam solar farm project (Video from Reuters)
This project is led by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT). Sirindhorn Dam Project combines 45 MW of solar energy with the electrical production of the dam. Website:
39 - Solarvest: The photovoltaic system 12995 Mwp floating solar farm Dengkil Selangor.
Solarvest is a solar panel manufacturer headquartered in south Africa Address: Unit 11, Acacia Park, 1 Falcon Road, Shakashead, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Website: Email:
40 - Sungrow: Floating solar installation
Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. (“Sungrow”) is a producer of photovoltaic solutions and energy storage systems as well as floating PV plant systems. Address: 575 Market Street, San Francisco, USA. Website: Email:
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