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The animations and videos are classified as follows: 1 - Lifting systems and winches 2 - Working procedures 1 - Oil and gas & civil works Click on the pictures to open them
Lifting systems and winches
1 - Presentation of ACE Winches
This video is a presentation of ACE Company and the fabrication and advantages of active heave compensation winches. ACE is based in Scotland and has agencies in Norway, Canada, India, and Indonesia. Headquarters address: Towie Barclay Works Turriff Aberdeenshire Scotland AB53 8EN. Phone: +44 1888 511600 Email: Website:
2 - Mac Gregor "Ship-to-ship compensation system”
This animation presents the "ship-to-ship compensation system", which compensates for the vertical movements between two vessels at sea. Mac Gregor is a crane manufacturer, which is part of Cargotec Oyj, a group headquartered in Porkkalankatu 5, 00180 Helsinki, Finland. Website Cargotec: Oyj: Website Mac Gregor: Contact Mac Gregor:
3 - Mac Gregor "3D motion compensation system”
This presentation explains the 3D motion compensation system from Mac Gregor. This multi-axis system compensates for the roll, pitch, and heave motions of the vessel to minimize the movements of the load. Mac Gregor is a crane manufacturer, which is part of Cargotec Oyj, a group headquartered in Porkkalankatu 5, 00180 Helsinki, Finland. Website Cargotec: Oyj: Website Mac Gregor: Contact Mac Gregor:
4 - Bosh Rexroth heave compensation solutions
This animation describes the Active Heave Compensation (AHC) and Passive Heave Compensation (PHC) solutions proposed by Bosh Rexroth, a winch manufacturer based in Germany. More information about this company can be found through their website: Bosch Rexroth is headquartered in Zum Eisengießer 197816 Lohr am Main. Germany Phone: +49 9352 180
5 - Scantrol - Heave compensation systems
This video presents the heave compensation systems designed by Scantrol, an independent supplier of monitoring and control systems for the marine business. Company website: Company headquarters: Sandviksbodene 1C. 5035 Bergen. Norway E-Mail: Phone: +47 55 30 15 15
6 - Screaton and Associates Ltd - Heave compensation systems
This animation, provided by Screaton and Associates Ltd, a company specializing in offshore equipment design and production based in the United Kingdom, describes several Active Heave Compensation (AHC) and Passive Heave Compensation solutions. More information about this company can be found through their website: Address: Durham Workspace. Abbey Road. Pity Me. Durham. UK. DH1 5JZ Phone: +44 191 3753966 E-mail:
9 - TTS subsea crane active heave compensation
This is another animation from TTS that describes the advantages provided by the active heave compensation systems. Website Cargotec: Oyj: Website Mc Gregor: Contact Mc Gregor:
Working procedures
1 - Subsea animation by Aker Solutions
This animation shows the main parts of a modern oilfied. Aker Solutions ASA is an engineering company based in Oslo which provides solutions, products, and services to the global energy industry. This company is headquartered in Oksenøyveien 8NO-1366 Lysaker, Norway Phone: +47 67 51 30 00; Website: Contacts:
2 - Haakonsen Marine AS: Mooring line hook-up
This animation describes in detail the installation of the mooring lines of an FPSO using appropriate safety practices. It can be used to describe how such operations should be undertaken to people not familiar with these activities or using not inappropriate standards. Haakonsen Marine AS is headquatered Lahammar 28D, N-4280 Skudeneshavn NORWAY Phone: +47 52 99 01 30 Email: Website:
3 - Typical well abandonment procedure Animation
This animation, that describes the several steps for a typical well abandonment procedure, is proposed by Jamie Cameron, a graphic studio based in Aberdeen Website: Address: 'Camerons' Castle Fraser, Inverurie, AB51 7JR - United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)7804669082 Email:
4 - Presentation of a gasket insertion tool for flange tie-in
Octopus subsea tooling provides gasket insertion tools for flange tie-in. This animation shows the steps for the installation of a gasket on a 16” flange. It can be used to explain the methodology of flange installation to new divers. Contact Octopus: Peter J Richardson Email:
7 - Hydac: Heave compensation system
This presentation describes Active Heave Compensation (AHC) systems based on hydraulic accumulators connected to the hydraulic winch manufactured by HYDAC, a German group headquartered in Justus-von-Liebig-Straße 66280 Sulzbach/Saar - Germany Website: Singapore office: 164 Kallang Way, Level 8. Phone +65 3138 5333 Email:
8 - TTS: Active heave compensation
This animation from the crane manufacturer TTS describes the purpose of active heave compensation systems when handling equipment at sea. Note that TTS has been aquired by Mc Gregor in 2018. Website Cargotec: Oyj: Website Mc Gregor: Contact Mc Gregor:
5 - Al Khalij pipeline replacement project 2018
This video describes the several steps for the installation of a pipeline for Total Qatar. It was made by Marc Jonquet, who works as Company Representative. The company in charge of this project was McDermott. "Ultra Deep solutions" was involved as vessel provider with the UDS Lichtenstein for the spool installation phase. Email:
6 - O-lay deep water pipeline & PLET installation
The main difference between the new O-lay system and the classical ones is that the total length of the pipe is welded, post-weld treated and tested onshore on a site near the waterfront. The spiraled pipe can form a length of more than 100 km. When the pipe spiral has reached its predetermined distance, it is transported (with the help of tugboats) to the place where the installation has to be done. When the spiral has arrived at the location, the coil is unwound and lowered to the seabed with the help of a specially prepared vessel. Website: Email:
7 - Oceaneering deepwater pipeline repair with horizontal connection system
Oceaneering is a global provider of engineered products and services with headquarters in Houston, USA. The company has also regional offices in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Website: Address: 11911 Farm to Market Rd 529 - Houston, TX 77041 - USA Phone: +1 713-329-4500 Email:
8 - Stats group: Weldless pipe connection mechanical connector
Stats Group designs and provides pressurized pipeline isolation, hot tapping and plugging services to the global oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Website: Address: Stats House, Tofthills way - Midmill Industrial Estate - Kintore, Aberdeenshire - Scotland, UK, AB51 0QG Phone: +44 (0) 7827 774108 Email:
9 - Plidco: Split sleeve installation for pipeline repair
Plidco manufactures emergency pipeline repair and maintenance fittings for the oil and gas industry and other markets. The corresponding brochure of the topic described is available in: Offshore systems /18 - Plidco - Split + sleeve installation Website: Address: The Pipe Line Development Company11792 Alameda Drive, Strongsville, Ohio 44149 - USA Phone: +1 440 8715700 Email:
10 - Plidco: Split Smith + clamp installation procedure
See above for the description of Plidco The corresponding brochure of the topic described is available in: Offshore systems /19 - Split Smith + clamp installation procedure
11 - SMK3 Platform and pipeline installation project
This video describes the several steps for installing pipelines and platforms for Total Indonesia in 2013 - 2014. It was made by Marc Jonquet, who works as Company Representative. The company in charge of this project was Swiber. Email:
12 - Nord Stream project tie-in operations - Technip-FMC
Presentation of tie-in operation on Nord Stream gas pipeline project by TechnipFMC. Nord Stream is an export gas pipeline running from Russia to Europe across the Baltic Sea. As it bypasses transit countries, Nord Stream provides Gazprom with direct access to European consumers. TechnipFMC is registered in the United Kingdom at the following address: Hadrian House, Wincomblee Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, NE6 3PL. However, the operational headquarters are situated in 13460 Lockwood Rd, Houston, TX 77044, United States. Phone +12815914000 website: Contact:
13 - Petro Sa Rser installation
This video describes the several steps for installing risers. The Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa (PetroSA), is a state-owned company of the Government of South Africa. Address: 151 Frans Conradie Drive, PAROW, 7500, Republic of South Africa. Website: Phone: +27 21 929 3000
14 - BP - Offshore platform
This video describes various types of offshore platforms. BP plc (official styling BP p.l.c., formerly The British Petroleum Company plc and BP Amoco plc) is a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the seven oil and gas majors and a founding member of IOGP. Website:
15 - Expro group: Subsea vertical tree presentation
This animation explains the design of a subsea vertical tree Expro Group is an energy services company marketing in well access and well flow optimization. Address: 1311 Broadfield Blvd, Houston, TX 77084 USA Website:
16 - Rosen: Launching & receiving an inline inspection tool
This animation presents the procedure for using an inspection tool in a pipeline ROSEN Group specializes in the research, development, production, and operation of inspection devices for pipelines and other systems. Address: Obere Spichermatt 14 - 6370 Stans Switzerland Phone: +41 41 618 03 00 Website:
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17 - DCN Diving: Ituango dam recovery project (Colombia)
DCN Diving has experience in inland and offshore subsea operations. It is a family-owned company with its head office based in The Netherlands. Address: Van Konijnenburgweg 151, 4612 PL, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)164 256 979 Website:
18 - Baker-Hugues - Flexible pipe solutions
Baker Hughes Company is one of the world's largest oil field services companies, and a subsidiary of General Electric. Address: 17015 Aldine Westfield Rd - Houston, TX 77073 - United States Phone: +1 713-625-4200 Website:
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19 - Van Oord - 3D visualization of monopile installation
Royal Van Oord is a Dutch marine construction company that specialises in dredging, land reclamation and the construction of artificial islands. Address: Schaardijk 211, 3063 NH Rotterdam - The Netherlands Phone: +31 88 8260000 Website:
20 - SAIPEM - Fixed platform installation project (2015)
Saipem is a global leader in engineering, drilling activities, and the development of major projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Address: Via Luigi Russolo 5, 20138 Milan, Italy Phone: +39 02 44231 Website:
21 - Oceanic Marine Contractors (OMC) - Offshore platform Jacket installation
Oceanic Marine Contractors (OMC) is an international offshore contractor specialized in installation of offshore structures, subsea pipelines, subsea structures, together with platform removal and dredging. Address: Sheikh Zayed Road Al Attar Business Tower - Dubai - UAE Phone: +971 4 379 9911 Email: Website: