Studies of ROV concepts 2022-2023
The documents are classified chronologically from 2022 to 2023. Click on their descriptions to open and download them.
BUTTON TEXT Previous page 14 - Attitude Stabilization Control of Autonomous Underwater         Vehicle Based on Decoupling Algorithm and PSO-ADRC. 23 - Submersibles Greatly Enhance Research on the Diversity of         Deep-Reef Fishes in the Greater Caribbean. 28 - Hydrodynamic performance of open-frame deep sea remotely        operated vehicles based on computational fluid dynamics         method, 30 - Underwater soft robotics: A review of bioinspiration in design,        actuation, modeling, and control, 04 - Communication and Control for Remotely Operated          Underwater Vehicles 16 - A Novel Bio-Inspired Path Planning for Autonomous         Underwater Vehicle for Search and Tracing of Underwater         Target 17 - Simu2VITA: A general purpose underwater vehicle simulator 01 - Dynamic Detection Based Trajectory Planning for Autonomous        Underwater Vehicle to Collect Data From Underwater Sensors. 10 - Online paths planning method for unmanned surface vehicles        based on rapidly exploring random tree and a cooperative         potential field 02 - Towards omnidirectional immersion for ROV teleoperation. 03 - Modifying an Affordable ROV for Under-ice Sensing 05 - Prototyping of a Novel Thruster for Underwater ROVs. 06 - Self-management of the umbilical of a ROV for underwater         exploration. 08 - Disturbance Observer-Based Double-Loop Sliding-Mode         Control for Trajectory Tracking of Work-Class ROVs 09 - Total Design in the Design and Development Process of a         Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) with Particular Consideration       of Sensorization. 07 - A Visual Servoing Scheme for Autonomous Aquaculture Net        Pens Inspection Using ROV 22 - Development and field testing of a smart support system for         ROV operators  19 - Development and experimental verification of search and         rescue ROV 21 - Development and Field Testing of a Smart Support System for        ROV Operators 29 - Investigation of Operating Range of Marine Growth Removing         ROV under Off shore Disturbances 31 - ROV localization based on umbilical angle measurement 11 - Designs, motion mechanism, motion coordination, and         communication of bionic robot fishes: a survey. 12 - Multi-Energy Acquisition Modeling and Control Strategy of         Underwater Vehicles 13 - A Prototype Autonomous Robot for Underwater Crime Scene       Investigation and Emergency Response. 15 - Underwater Electromagnetic Guidance Based on the         Magnetic Dipole Model Applied in AUV Terminal Docking. 18 - New approach for designing an underwater free-space         optical communication system 20 - Virtual Underwater Datasets for Autonomous Inspections 24 - An informative planning-based multi-layer robot navigation        system as applied in a poultry barn. 25 - Reinforcement Learning Based Mobile Underwater Localization        for Silent UUV in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks 27 - Position Tracking of an Underwater Robot Based on Floating-        Downing PI Control. 32 - A review of underwater acoustic metamaterials for        underwater acoustic equipment 33 - An Underwater Human–Robot Interaction Using a Visual–        Textual Model for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles 34 - Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces for Underwater Visible Light         Communications. 35 - Designing and Analysis of Underwater Optical Wireless         communication system. 37 - Multi-Link and AUV-Assisted Energy-Efficient Underwater         Emergency Communications. 38 - Review of Crucial Problems of Underwater Wireless Power         Transmission. 39 - Formation control of multiple autonomous underwater         vehicles: a review. 41 - Analysis of a New Twin Hybrid Autonomous Underwater         Vehicle. 42 - Design and Construction of Hybrid Autonomous Underwater        Glider for Underwater Research. 44 - Lightweight underwater robot developed for archaeological        surveys and excavations. 45 - Review of Localization and Clustering in USV and AUV for         Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks. 47 - Numerical Study of Different Engineering Conditions on the         Propulsive Performance of the Bionic Jellyfish Robot. 48 - Experimental Investigation of Relative Localization Estimation         in a Coordinated Formation Control of Low-Cost Underwater        Drones. 26 - Side-Scan Sonar Image Segmentation Based on Multi-Channel         CNN for AUV Navigation 36 - Design, Simulation, and Experimental Study on the Hydraulic         Drive System of an AUV Docking Device with Multi-Degree         Freedom 40 - Research on non-contact wet mateable connector for optical         communication and power transmission 43 - Deep-sea freezer 46 - Operability analysis of control system for ROV launch-and-        recovery from autonomous surface vessel 49 - System identification (SI) modelling controller design and         hardware testing for vertical trajectory of underwater remotely        operated vehicle (ROV) 50 - Vision-based underwater target real-time detection for         autonomous underwater vehicle subsea exploration 51 - Design of an ROV to find Dead Bodies Underwater 52 - Energy-Efficient Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicle         Path Planning Scheme in Underwater Sensor Networks 53 - Localization Uncertainty Estimation for Autonomous         Underwater 54 - Recent progress on underwater soft robots: adhesion,         grabbing, actuating, and sensing 55 - Underwater Undulating Propulsion Biomimetic Robots:         A Review