Studies of ROV concepts 2015 - 2019
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Next page Next page BUTTON TEXT Previous page 6 - Design and Control of Underwater Robots with Rotating       Thrusters. 19 -  Wireless Controlled Remotely-operated  Underwater Vehicle          (ROV) for Shallow Water Exploration. 22 -  An electrical power control system for explorer-class remotely         operated underwater vehicle (ROV) 26 -  Front surface geometry modeling of remotely operated          vehicle (ROV) body observation class 28 - The Application of ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) of the           Microcontroller Submarine as a Tool to Take Sample of  Water         and Soil Contaminated by Waste. 1 -  Simulating underwater depth environment condition using        lighting system design. 7 - Development of Handheld Haptics Device for Driving System      of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles. 13 - Analysis of integrated sensor for unmanned underwater         vehicle application. 3 - DNV-GL: Part 5 Types of UWT systems Chapter 7 Remotely       operated vehicles 8 -  P2-ROV a Portable/Polar ROV 10 - The ROV communication and control 14 - Simplified Modelling and Identification of an Inspection ROV 15 - Collision Detection for Underwater ROV Manipulator Systems 18 - Modular controls and instrumentation software for icefin ROV 21 - Development of intellectual support system for ROV operators 23 -  Path Following, Obstacle Detection and Obstacle Avoidance         for Thrusted Underwater Snake Robots 24 -  Next-Generation Optical Sensing Technologies for Exploring          Ocean Worlds-NASA FluidCam, MiDAR, and NeMO-Net 27 -  Robust Formation Control for Multiple Underwater Vehicles 29 -  Design and Construction of an ROV for Underwater          Exploration 30 - ROV Thruster Testing Document - Individual 33 - Vision based autonomous docking for work class ROVs 16 - Model comparison of a VideoRay Pro 4 Underwater ROV 2 -  Underwater Robotics: Surface Cleaning Technics, Adhesion        and Locomotion Systems. 9 - A new redundancy resolution for underwater vehicle–        manipulator system considering payload 12 - A novel localization approach for underwater welding vehicles         in spent fuel pools via attitude heading reference system and         altimeters. 17 - Prescribed performance adaptive fault-tolerant trajectory tracking        control for an ocean bottom flying node. 20 - Underwater navigation using visual markers in the context of         intervention missions 4 - Robust Design of Docking Hoop for Recovery of Autonomous        Underwater Vehicle with Experimental Results. 5 - Towards omnidirectional immersion for ROV teleoperation 31 -  Enhancing the Scientific Value of Industry Remotely Operated         Vehicles (ROVs) in Our Oceans. 32 -  Jelly fish-Inspired soft robot driven by fluid electrode dielectric         organic robotic actuators 25 - A Systematic Review of Remotely Operated Vehicle Surveys         for VisuallyAssessing Fish Assemblages 11 - A New Remotely Operated Sensor Platform for Interdisciplinary        Observations under Sea Ice