Studies of ROV concepts 1997-2014
4 - Control of Underwater Manipulators Mounted on nn ROV        Using Base Force Information 1 - Robust real-time detection of an underwater pipeline 2 - Fault detection of actuator faults in unmanned underwater       vehicles 6 - An ROV Stereovision System for Ship Hull Inspection 8 - Innovative new ROV technology utilizing water hydraulic 9 - Vision-based ROV horizontal motion control: Near-seafloor       experimental results 13 - ROV automatization - Yaw identification and automarine         module architecture 15 - Modeling and simulation of an underwater remotely operated         vehicle (ROV) for surveillance and inspection of port facilities         using CFD tools. 17 - Some Issues on the Design of a Low-Cost Autonomous         Underwater Vehicle with an Intelligent Dynamic Mission         Planner for Pipeline and Cable Tracking. 19 - Particle Filter ROV Navigation using Hydroacoustic Position         and Speed Log Measurements. 20 - Realtime Motion Compensation for ROV-based Tele-operated        Underwater Manipulators. 21 - Precision Navigation Sensors Facilitate Full Auto Pilot Control         of Smart ROV for Ocean Energy Applications. 22 - Design-construction & control of a remotely operated vehicle         (ROV). 24 - Assessing the suitability of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV)         to study the fish community associated with offshore gas         platforms in the Ionian Sea: a comparative analysis with         underwater visual censuses (UVCs). 3 - Devellopment of a controllable grab system for deep water       recovery 10 - Numerical stability analysis and control of umbilical ROV systems        in one degree of freedom taut–slack condition 26 -  Power integrity requirement of new generation of ROV for          deep sea operation. 18 - A high fidelity ungrounded torque feedback device: The         iTorqU 2.0. 30 -  Design of a 2D Joystick for Robot Control Based on a 6 DOF          Haptic Device 31 -  Numerical simulations for the prediction of wave forces on          underwater vehicle using 3D panel method Code. 32 - Tuning factor the single input fuzzy logic controller to improve        the performances of depth control for underwater remotely         operated vehicle. 14 - Micro ROV simulator 16 - Trends in ROV Development 27 -  Autonomus underwater navigation (US Patent file)
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Next page Next page 7 - Robotics Vision-based Heuristic Reasoning for Underwater Target      Tracking and Navigation. 12 - Design of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle 28 -  Thruster Modelling  for Underwater Vehicle Using  System          Identification Method 29 -  Dynamic Positioning of Underwater Robotic Vehicles with          Thruster Dynamics Compensation. 5 - An automatic guidance system for a small work class ROV 23 - Theoretical and experimental investigation on the total          resistance of an underwater ROV remotely operating vehicle. 25 - Theoretical and experimental investigation on the total          resistanceof an underwater ROV remotely operating vehicle. 33 - Dangerous Inspection & Versatile Exploration Robot (DIVER):         Tracking, Monitoring and Assisting Human Divers in         Commercial, environmental and Military Applications. 11 - Towards a risk management process for autonomous          underwater vehicles