Scientific papers 2021
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Next page Next page BUTTON TEXT Previous page 07 - Acute Effects on the Human Peripheral Blood Transcriptome of        Decompression Sickness Secondary to Scuba Diving. 16 - Impact of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on Cognitive Functions:          A Systematic Review. 03 - Routine chest X-rays are inaccurate in detecting relevant       intrapulmonary anomalies during medical assessments of fitness       to dive. 06 - Shifts in the Oral Microbiota During a Four-Week Commercial       Saturation Dive to 200 Meters. 09 - Diving Responses in Experienced Rebreather Divers: Short-Term         Heart Rate Variability in Cold Water Diving. 10 - Using underwater pulse oximetry in freediving to extreme depths        to study risk of hypoxic backout and diving response phases. 12 - Emergency Medicine Cases in Underwater and Hyperbaric         Environments: The Use of in situ Simulation as a Learning         Technique. 14 - The Assessment of Daily Energy Expenditure of Commercial          Saturation Divers Using Doubly Labelled Water. 15 - Acute Effects on the Human Peripheral Blood Transcriptome of         Decompression ickness Secondary to Scuba Diving. 20 - Physiology of repeated mixed gas 100m wreck dives using a         closed-circuit rebreather: a field bubble study. 21 - The Circulatory Effects of Increased Hydrostatic Pressure Due to          Immersion and Submersion. 25 - Heart Rate Variability During a Standard Dive: A Role for Inspired         Oxygen Pressure? 29 - Association Between Arterial Oxygen Saturation and Lung         Ultrasound B-Lines After Competitive Deep Breath-Hold Diving. 30 - Assessment of Alertness and Cognitive Performance of Closed         Circuit Rebreather Divers With the Critical Flicker Fusion         Frequency Test in Arctic Diving Conditions 31 - Functional Profiling Reveals Altered Metabolic Activity in Divers’         Oral Microbiota During Commercial Heliox Saturation Diving. 32 - Decompression Illness in Repetitive Breath-Hold Diving: Why         Ischemic Lesions Involve the Brain? 33 - Human Physiological Responses to a Single Deep Helium-Oxygen        Diving 34 - Increased Risk of Decompression Sickness When Diving With a         Right-to-Left Shunt: Results of a Prospective Single-Blinded         Observational Study (The “Carotid Doppler” Study). 36 - Effects of Cold Decompression on Hemodynamic Function and         Decompression Sickness Risk in a Dry Diving Rat Model 40 - The Implications of the Diving Response in Reducing Panic          Symptoms 42 - Extreme Hypoxia Causing Brady-Arrythmias During Apnea in Elite        Breath-Hold Divers. 26 - Effect of Water Amount Intake before Scuba Diving on the Risk         of Decompression Sickness 41 - Endothelial Injury in Diving: Atomic Force-, Electronic-, and Light-        Microscopy Study of the Ovine Decompressed Blood Vessels 08 - Using Underwater Pulse Oximetry in Freediving to Extreme Depths        to  Study Risk of Hypoxic Blackout and Diving Response Phases. 18 - Oxygen-enriched Air Decreases Ventilation during High-intensity         Fin-swimming Underwater 02 - Effect of Long-Term Diving Exposure on Sleep of Male Occupational      Divers in Southern Taiwan: A Cross-Sectional Study 04 - Breath-hold diving – The physiology of diving deep and returning 35 - Underwater and surface swimming parameters reflect performance        level in elite swimmers 43 - A Fast Bubble Detection Method in Microtubes Based on Pulsed         Ultrasound. 01 - Feasibility of Detecting Brain Areas Involved in Extreme         Breath-Hold Diving. 05 - Lung function changes of divers after single deep heliox diving. 19- European position paper on the management of patients with         patent foramen ovale. Part II - Decompression sickness, migraine,         arterial deoxygenation syndromes and select high-risk clinical        conditions. 22 - Endothelial Nitric Oxide production and antioxidant response in         breath-hold diving: Genetic predisposition or environment related? 37 - Aging and its treatment with vitamin C: A comprehensive         echanistic review. 38 - Mechanisms of Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary Arterial Stiffening in        Mice Revealed by a Functional Genetics Assay of Structural,         Functional, and Transcriptomic Data 44 - Nutritional status of patients referred for hyperbaric oxygen         treatment; a retrospective and descriptive cross-sectional study. 45 - Hydrogen, a Novel Therapeutic Molecule, Regulates Oxidative         Stress, Inflammation, and Apoptosis 11 - High Incidence of Barotrauma in Patients With Severe         Coronavirus Disease 2019 27 - Incidence and immediate consequences of electrical shocks         among Danish electricians: a cohort study 24 - Engineering and Medicine in Extreme Environments 28 - Sinus barotrauma in diving 39 - Possible applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy-narrative         review 13 - Pneumothorax in critically ill patients with COVID-19 infection:         Incidence, clinical characteristics and outcomes in a case control        multicenter study 17 - Diving-related disorders in commercial breath-hold divers (Ama)         of Japan 23 - Pneumothorax and barotrauma in invasively ventilated patients         with COVID-19