Scientific papers 2011 - 2013
32 - Paul C. Alga: A modified prophylactic regimen for the prevention        of “otitis externa” in saturation divers.. 7 - Doolette, Gerth & Gault: Redistribution of decompression stop         time from shallow to deep stops increases incidence of         decompression sickness in air decompression dives. 12 - Doolette & Gerth:  VVal-79 Maximum permissible tissue tension          table for Thalmann algorithm support of air diving. 36 - Submarine Rescue Decompression Procedure from Hyperbaric         Exposures up to 6 Bar of Absolute Pressure in Man: Effects on         Bubble Formation and Pulmonary Function. 38 - Abstracts of the Tricontinental Scientific Meeting on Diving and         Hyperbaric Medicine -  Reunion Island, Sept. 2013.  10 - Effects of successive air and nitrox dives on human vascular         function. 23 - Association Between Early Hyperoxia and Worse Outcomes After       Traumatic Brain injury. 30 - A D Cornet, A J Kooter,  M JL Peters, Y M Smulders: The potential         harm of oxygen therapy in medical emergencies 1 - Effect of pre-dive hydration on venous gas buble production in       divers. 5 - Venous gas embolism as a predictive tool for improving CNS       decompression safety 11 - Neuroprotective role of the TREK-1 channel in decompression         sickness. 19 - Reliability of plasma D-Dimers for predicting  severe neurological         decompression sickness in scuba divers. 24 - Protective effects of fluoxetine on decompression sickness in mice. 25 - The underestimated compression effect of neoprene wetsuit on         divers hydromineral homeostasis 26 - Bubbles, microparticles, and neutrophil activation: Changes with         exercise level & breathing gas during open-water SCUBA diving 28 - Sidenafil pre-treatment promotes decompression sickness in rats 37 - Evidence of cell damages caused by circulating bubbles: high           level of free mitochondrial DNA in plasma of rats. 39 - Relation between cervical and thoracic spinal canal stenosis and         the development of spinal cord decompression sickness in         recreational scuba divers. 40 - World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki - Ethical          Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects. 41 - Ethical Standards in Sport and Exercise Science Research:         2014 Update 22 - Face cooling with mist water increases cerebral blood flow         during exercise: effect of changes in facial skin blood flow
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Next page Next page BUTTON TEXT Previous page 43 - Chamber personnel's use of Nitrox 50 during hyperbaric oxygen        treatment: A quality study - Research report. 8 - Oxygen breathing or recompression during decompression from       nitrox dives with a rebreather: effects on intravascular bubble       burden and ramifications for decompression profiles 9 - Determinants of arterial gas embolism after scuba diving 27 - Towards Integrated Physical Activity Profiling 31 - A critical review of physiological bubble formation in hyperbaric        decompression. 34 - Dark chocolate reduces endothelial dysfunction after successive         breath-hold dives in cool water. 20 - Dynamics of gas micronuclei formed on a flat hydrophobic         surface, the predecessors of decompression bubbles 6 - Effect of isobaric breathing gas shifts from air to heliox mixtures on      resolution of air bubbles in lipid and aqueous tissues of       recompressed rats. 17 - The effectiveness of heliox in acute respiratory distress syndrome 13 - Optimization of intermittent oxygen/air exposure protocols         prolongs the safe use of hyperoxia 14- Fatal Paradoxical Air Embolism Diagnosed by Postmortem         Imaging and Autopsy 15 - Exercise carbon dioxide (CO2) retention with inhaled CO2 and         breathing resistance 2 - Harmful Noise Intensity Level Pre Determination System for Noise       Generated Sources 3 - A review of recent neurochemical data on inert gas narcosis 21 - Acute Otitis Externa: An Update 33 - Response pattern of acute otitis externa to a tripple regimen of         steroid, antibacterial, and antifungal agents. 42 - The influence of high-fat diets on the occurrence of          decompression stress after air dives 4 - Optimal Decompression of Divers (Applications of Control) 16 - Extremely deep recreational dives: the risk for carbon dioxide (CO2)        retention and high pressure neurological syndrome (HPNS) 18 - Cognitive impairment during 5 m water immersion 29 - Safe inner ear gas tensions for switch from helium to air breathing        during decompression 35 - An Atypical Case of Taravana Syndrome in a Breath-Hold         Underwater Fishing Champion: A Case Report