1 - D.C Yount & D. C. Hoffman: Decompression theory - A dynamic       critical volume hypothesis 9 - Development of the DCIEM decompression model for       compressed air diving. 26 - J. P. Imbert & M. Pontoux: Safety analysis of French 1974 air         decompression  tables
Scientific papers 1980 - 1989
34 - J. P. Imbert & M. Bontoux: Diving databank - A unique tool for         diving procedures development 6 - C. L. Young, R. Battino, and H. L Clever: The solubility of gasses in       liquids 3 - D. E. Yount & C. M. Yeung: Bubble formation in supersaturated       gelatin: A further investigation of gas cavitation nuclei 8 - D. E. Yount: On the evolution, generation, and regeneration of       gas cavitation  nuclei. 11 - E. D. Thalmann, I. P. Buckingham, & W. H. Spaur: Testing of         decompression algorithms for the use in the US Navy underwater        decompression computer. 13 - Edward D. Thalmann & F. K. Butler jr: A procedure for doing         multilevel dives on air using repetitive groups. 15 - D. B. Cotton & B. A. Hills: Pulmonary surfactant: Hydrophobic         nature of the mucosal surface of the surface amnion. . 17 - E. D. Thalmann: Phase II testing of decompression algorithms for          the use in the US Navy underwater decompression computer. . 20 - R. P. Weinberg, M. J. Ackerman, & M. E. Bradley: Proposed         thermal limits for divers. . 21 - D.C Yount & D. C. Hoffman: A microscopic investigation of         bubble formation nuclei. . 23 - ED. Thalmann: Devellopment of a decompression algorithm for         constant 0.7 ATA oxygen partial pressure in helium diving. . 25 - F.  K.  Butler: Central nervous system oxygen toxicity in closed         circuit scuba divers III  . 28 - D. E. Yount & D. C. Hoffman: On the use of a bubble formation          model to calculate diving tables . 31 - J. E. Cotes, I. S. Davey, J. W. Reed, M. Rook: Respiratory effects of a        single saturation dive to 300 m  . 38 - Arterial gas embolism as a patophysiologic mechanism for spinal       cord decompression sickness. 41 - Doubt, Weinberg, Hesslink, & Ahler: Effects of serial wet-dry-wet         cold exposures: Thermal balance, physical activity and cognitive        performance. 4 - Hearing damage risk to divers operating noisy tools under water.      Authors: Otto Inge Molvaer, Truls Gjestland
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Next page Next page BUTTON TEXT Previous page 12 - Analysis of gas composition of intravascular bubbles  produced         by decompression. 18 - C. W. Shilling et al: Diagnosis and Treatment of Decompression         Sickness.   . 22 - Statistically Based Decompression Tables. II. Equal Risk Air Diving         Decompression Schedules. . 40 - Influence of heliox, oxygen, & N20-O; breathing on N2 bubbles         in adipose tissue. 10 - Alfred Buhlmann: Decompression - Decompression Sickness 29 - Predicting pulmonary O2 toxicity: A new look at the unit         pulmonary toxicity dose . 33 - Definition of Oxygen Tolerance  in Man - Predictive Studies V . 39 - Tolerating Exposure to High Oxygen Levels: Repex and Other       Methods 19 - Cerebral gas embolism in the course of midly symptomatic          pulmonary barotrauma in a scuba diver. 14 - Long term neurological consequences of deep diving       (The European Undersea Biomedical Society & The Norwegian        Petroleum Directorate) . 32 - 37th undersea and hyperbaric medical society workshop: Final         consensus on validation of decompression tables 2 - Analysis of decompression tables calculated by non-U. S. Navy       methods 5 - Proceeding of special session on cold water diving 7 - Differences in transient and steady state isobaric counterdiffusion 16 - High pressure nervous syndrome: psychometric and         clinico-electrophysiological correlations . 24 - Alternatives to Animal Use in Research, Testing, and Education       (published by the US Congress)   . 27 - Evaluation of the use of hydrogen-oxygen as a breathing gas in         deep-sea diving . 35 - Diving: occupation or physiological experiment? 36 - Biomechanics of safe ascent workshop 37 - Effect of inert gas switching at depth on decompression outcome         in rats 30 - A method for introducing new decompression procedures.       Authors: Jean-Pierre Imbert and Michel Bontoux 32 - Proceedings & consensus of the 37th Undersea and Hyperbaric        Medical Society Workshop on the Validation of Decompression         Tables