Offshore systems 2020 to 2023
6 - SBM: Turret & mooring systems
4 - Plidco - Split + sleeve installation        Author: Plidco
5 - Plidco - Smith + clamp installation       Author: Plidco 7 - Investigation of array layout of tidal stream turbines on energy       extraction efficiency        Authors: Can Zhang, Jisheng Zhang, Linlong Tong, Yakun Guo & Peng Zhang 1 - A review of tidal current turbine technology: present and future.        Authors: Faisal Wani, Henk Polinder. 24 - Orbital Marine Power: Orbital O2.2 Tidal Turbine - Project         Information Document. 8 - Reliability of multi-purpose offshore facilities: Present status and      future direction in Australia. 11 - Installation of offshore wind turbines: A technical review, 12 - A novel review on optimization techniques used in wind farm         modeling. 14 - The influencing factors and hierarchical relationships of offshore          wind power industry in China 38 - Investigation on Applicability and Limitation of Cosine Similarity-       Based Structural Condition Monitoring for Gageocho Offshore        Structure. 16 - Spatio-temporal assessment and economic analysis of a grid-        connected island province toward a 35% or greater domestic         renewable energy portfolio: a case in Bohol, Philippines 18 - Global offshore wind turbine dataset 21 - Economic feasibility of floating offshore wind farms considering         near future wind resources: Case study of Iberian coast and bay       of biscay. 22 - Production of hydrogen from offshore wind in China and cost-        competitive supply to Japan. 23 - Offshore Wind Market Report: 2021 Edition. 25 - Principle Parameters and Environmental Impacts that Affect the         Performance of Wind Turbine: An Overview. 26 - A Comprehensive Study of the Mechanical and Durability         Properties of High-Performance Concrete Materials for Grouting        Underwater Foundations of Offshore Wind Turbines. 27 - A review of the UK and British Channel Islands practical tidal         stream energy resource. 30 - An overview of wind energy development and policy initiatives        in India. 37 - Measurement of Sea Waves. 50 - Energy Conversion Strategies for Wind Energy System: Electrical,        Mechanical, and Material Aspects. 3 - Designing of a generator for wave energy conversion for outdoor      activities        Authors: Noor Syazana Abd Ghani, Taib Ibrahim, Nursyarizal Mohd Nor. 15 - Design of dual-rotor PMSG for wave energy conversion 19 - Numerical Assessment of Onshore Wave Energy in France:         Wave Energy, Conversion and Cost 20 - Wave energy conversion system 35 - The institution of engineering and technology - Guest Editorial:          Advances in Wave Energy Conversion Systems 39 - On energy transfer of parametric resonance for wave energy          conversion 42 - Additively manufactured high-performance polymeric materials       and their potential use in the oil and gas industry 44 - The Potential of Wave Energy Conversion to Mitigate Coastal          Erosion from Hurricanes 47 - Non-Destructive Techniques for the Condition and Structural         Health Monitoring of Wind Turbines: A Literature Review of the         Last 20 Years
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BUTTON TEXT Previous page 2 - Performance enhancement of solar powered floating photovoltaic      system using arduino approach       Authors: 13 - A Review on Floating Photovoltaic Technology (FPVT) 28 - Dynamic response of the mooring system in the floating         photovoltaic power station. 31 - Solar floating photovoltaic power station unit structural simulation        analysis. 34 - Floating solar stations 40 - A Novel Accelerated Aging Test for Floats in a Floating         Photovoltaic System 41 - Overview of Possibilities of Solar Floating Photovoltaic Systems in         the OffShore Industry. 45 - A floating photovoltaic system for fishery aeration 33 - Calculation and analysis of sea-fastening support and welding          strength of topside module. 9 - Study on the influence of rigid wall surface on the bubble      characteristics of underwater explosion. 10 - Study on the mechanism of breaking concrete by ultra-high         pressure water jet 17 - Investigation of the flow phenomena in high-pressure water jet         nozzles 29 - Exploration on Application of High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning         Technology. 43 - Numerical simulation of underwater explosion cavitation         characteristics based on phase transition model in compressible         multicomponent fluids 46 - Application of two-phase transition model in underwater         explosion cavitation based on compressible multiphase flows 48 - Influence of water level on RC caisson subjected to underwater         explosions 51 - Scaling the failure of concrete gravity dams subjected to          underwater explosion shock loading 52 - Study on the mechanism and load characteristics of secondary         cavitation near free surface in underwater explosion 54 - Dynamic Motions of Piled Floating Pontoons Due to Boat Wake        and Their Impact on Postural Stability and Safety 32 - Passive Heave Compensator Design and Numerical Simulation         for Strand Jack during Lift Operation in Deep Water. 36 - Design of Hybrid Portable Underwater Turbine Hydro and Solar        Energy Power Plants: Innovation to Use Underwater and Solar         Current as Alternative Electricity in Dusun Dongol Sidoarjo. 49 - Recent study progress of underwater sound absorption coating 53 - Evaluation of Applicability of Minimum Required Compressive         Strength for Cold Weather Concreting Based on Winter         Meteorological Factors. 56 - Formulas, equations, and conversion tables 55 - Numerical research on the cavitation effect induced by         underwater multi-point explosion near free surface 57 - Review of Evaluation Methods of Underwater Explosion Power         of Explosives 58 - Sensitivity Study on Typical Parameters of Underwater Explosion         Numerical Simulation 59 - Study on the characteristics of initial shock waves generated by         cylindrical charge for underwater explosion 60 - A refined numerical investigation of a large equivalent shallow-        depth underwater explosion