Offshore systems 2016 - 2019
16 - Anchoring & Mooring for Floating Offshore Wind       Author: Chris Golightly 25 - The crown estate: Guide to an offshore wind farm           Author: BVG Associates
5 - Electricity generation by using wind and tidal turbine for power        fluctuation compensation          Authors: Vrushali V. Chaudhari, Ajit P. Chaudhari, Girish k. Mahajan,           Nitin M. Khandare
13 - Fixed platform  installation          Publisher: Oil State
17 - Oceaneering Pipeline Repair Systems - A technical overview          Author: Giuseppe Rizzo
1 - Current tidal power technologies and their suitability for         applications in coastal and marine areas.          Authors: A. Roberts, B. Thomas, P. Sewell, Z. Khan, S. Balmain, J. Gillman.
2 - National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Power Generation for         River and Tidal Generators          Authors: Eduard Muljadi, Alan Wright, Vahan Gevorgian.
6 - Tidal energy: A review         Authors: Vikas M, Subba Rao, Jaya Kumar Seelam. 14 - Experimental Studies of Turbulent Intensity around a Tidal         Turbine Support Structure          Authors: Stuart Walker, Lorenzo Cappietti.
12 - Ocean Energy Key trends and statistics 2018         Author: Rémi Collombet.
18 - Orbital Marine Power: Orbital O2 2MW Tidal Turbine - Project         Information Summary 24 - A review on tidal power utilization and operation optimization.           Authors: Z J Wang,  Z W Wang.
3 - Wave–structure interactions for the distensible tube wave energy      converter        Author: Warren R. Smith 7 - Hydroelectromechanical modelling of a piezoelectric wave energy      converter        Author: E. Renzi 8 - Wave Energy Converter: A Review of Wave Energy Conversion      Technology       Authors: S. S. Prakash, K. A. Mamun, F.R. Islam, R. Mudliar, C. Pau'u, M. Kolivuso,       S. Cadralala. 9 - Wells turbine for wave energy conversion: A review        Authors: Ahmed S. Shehata, Qing Xiao, Khalid M. Saqr, & Day Alexander
14 - Research on Efficiency of a Wave Energy Conversion System          Authors: Zhongyue Lu, Jianzhong Shang, Zirong Luo, Chongfei Sun, &           Gewei Chen. 15 - The underwater resonant airbag: a new wave energy converter          Author: Francis J. M. Farley 19- Development of an innovative breakwater for wave energy         conversion           Author: Enrico Di Lauro 20 - Modelling and testing of a wave energy converter based on         dielectric elastomer generators          Authors: Giacomo Moretti, Gastone Pietro Rosati Papini, Luca Daniele, David                          Forehand, David Ingram, Rocco Vertechy, & Marco Fontana. 21 - Lifecycle Environmental Impact Assessment of an Overtopping         Wave Energy Converter Embedded in Breakwater Systems          Authors: Nicoletta Patrizi, Riccardo M. Pulselli, Elena Neri, Valentina Niccolucci,                         Diego Vicinanza, Pasquale Contestabile, & Simone Bastianon.
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4 - A modified method of characteristics and its application in forward     and inversion simulations of underwater explosion.        Authors: Chengjiao Zhang, a Xiaojie Li, and Chenchen Yang 13 - Investigating the Effect of Underwater Explosion on Sandwich         Structures.         Author: Hassan Bagheri 10 - Damage mitigation techniques in wind turbine blades: A review          Authors: Md Abu S Shohag, Emily C Hammel, David O Olawale, and Okenwa                         I Okoli 11 - Model tests on installation of suction caisson in clay          Authors: Wei Guo, Jian Chu, Hailei Kou 12 - Passive Suction under Mud Mats          Author: Christiaan den Hertog 15 - General guidance for the design, fabrication and installation of          jack-up platforms.         Author: Kabir Sadeghi, Kozhin Al-koiy, Krekar Nab