Offshore systems 2000 - 2015
4 - Riser Tower Installation       Authors: Vincent Alliot & O;ivier Carre 14 - European patent specifications: Method of installing hybrid riser         tower         Authors: J. F. Saint-Marcoux; J. P. Branchut; G. De-Roux 5 - Underwater Pipeline Inspection Using Guided Waves       Authors: Won-Bae Na; Tribikram Kundu 7 - Lessons Learnt from the Evolution and Development of       Multiple-Lines Hybrid Riser Towers for Deep Water Production       Applications.       Authors: Vincent Alliot; Jean-Luc Legras 8 - Developmeent and installation and testing of lage-scale tidal       current turbine       Authors: J. F. Jeremy Thake 11 - Development of Towing Techniques for Deep Water Flowlines         and Risers         Authors: Vincent Alliot, Haiyan Zhang, Dominique Perinet, Sanjay Sinha
15 - Comparison of Foundation Systems for Offshore        Wind Turbine Installation,          Authors: Baleshwar Singh, Birjukumar Mistri, Ravi Patel
20 - Tidal turbine deployment in the Bristol Channel: a case study          Authors: M. Willis, I. Masters, S. Thomas, R. Gallie, J. Loman, A. Cook,           R. Ahmadian, R. Falconer, B. Lin, G. Gao, M. Cross, N. Croft, A. Williams,           M. Muhasilovic, I. Horsfall, R. Fidler, C. Wooldridge, I. Fryett, P. Evans,           T. O’Doherty, D. O’Doherty, and A. Mason-Jones.
26 - O-lay; Developments in Offshore Pipeline Installation           Author: Jan G. Buijvoets
30 - Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network: Tidal Measurement         Best Practice Manual           Authors: B. Elsaesser, Pal Schmitt, Cuan Boake, Adele Lidderdale, J. Lawrence,                         F. Salvatore, Gregory Germain, G. Colicchio, Boris Jacob.
38 - Tidal Current Turbine and Related Development Problems for          Indonesia           Author: Dr. Ir. Darmawi
49 - Tidal Stream Turbine- Introduction, current and future Tidal          power stations          Authors: Purvi Chauhan, Pathik Patel, Saurin Sheth. 3 - Wake effects in tidal current turbine farms       Authors: A J MacLeod, S Barnes, & K G Rados. 9 - Modeling the Operation and Maintenance Costs of a Large Scale       Tidal Current Turbine Farm       Authors: Ye Li, Keith Florig 10 - Methodology for estimating tidal current energy ressources and         power production by tidal stream energy conversion devices.         Authors: G. Hagerman, B. Polagye, R. Bedard, M. Previsic 13 - Economic viability of a simple tidal stream energy capture device          Authors: LOG+1 ltd, Alstom power, WUMTIA, University  of  Southampton
16 - 3rd Generation Tidal Turbines: too efficient to ignore?        Author: stuart Ballard
17 - Ocean Energy Technology Overview       Authors: Kari Burman, Andy Walker
19 - Small-scale Water Current Turbines  for River Applications       Author: Kari Sormes
21 - RambollL Energy: Tidal turbine foundation optimisation         Author: R Sinclair
23 - Tidal Power: Economic and Technological assessment           Author: Tatiana Montllonch Araquistain
24 - Tidal Power: An Effective Method of Generating Power          Authors: Rubayiat Tousif, Buland Taslim
28 - The development of a vertical axis tidal current turbine           Authors: Daniel Brinck, Nicklas Jeremejeff
29 - Power Limitation Control for a PMSG-Based Marine Current         Turbine at High Tidal Speed and Strong Sea State          Authors: Zhibin Zhou, Franck Scuiller, Jean Frédéric Charpentier, Mohamed                         Benbouzid and Tianhao Tang
31 - International Renewable Energy Agency: Tidal energy -         technology brief          Author: The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
35 - National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Structural Design of a         Horizontal-Axis Tidal Current Turbine Composite Blade           Authors: M. J. Lawson, Y. Li
43 - DNVGL-SE-0163 / Edition October 2015 - Certification of tidal         turbines and arrays 47 - Tidal energy from the Severn estuary, UK          Author: Chris Binnie
18 - Selection, Design and Construction of Offshore Wind Turbine         Foundations 6 - Control Valves - Modeling and Simulation        Authors: Christian Patrascioiu, Casen Panaitescu, Nicolae Paraschiv 12 - Ocean Wave Energy Conversion - A Survey       Authors: A. Muetze, J. G. Vining.  25 - Air Turbines for Wave Energy Conversion          Author: Manabu Takao, Toshiaki Setoguchi
27 - Historical aspects of wave energy conversion          Author: Afo Falcão 32 - Guidelines in Wave Energy Conversion System Design          Authors: Kelly Guiberteau, Theodore A. Kozman, Jim Lee, Yucheng Liu. 33 - Method and system for fluid wave energy conversion (US Patent)          Inventors: Gareth j. Knowles, Ross Bird 34 - Wave energy technology brief          Inventors: Ruud Kempener, Frank Neumann for IRENA 39 - Wave energy conversion systems and methods (US Patent)          Inventor: Jesse w. Teichman
40 - Review of air turbines for wave energy conversion          authors: T Karthikeyan, Abdus Samad, & Rameez Badhurshah 41 - Air turbine for applications in wave energy conversion (Patent)          Inventors: De Oliveira Falcao, De Carvalho Gato, & De Campos Henrique 44 - An overview of methods for wave energy conversion         Authors: Leszek Chybowski, Bolesław Kuzniewski 45 - Fundamental formulae for wave-energy conversion         Authors: Johannes Falnes, & Adi Kurniawan. 48 - Wave energy conversion plan (US Patent)          Author: Sui Kwang Chua
The documents are classified chronologically from 2000 to 2015. Click on their descriptions to open and download them.
Next page Next page 36 - Vessels and Transport to Offshore Installations          Author: Kurt E. Thomsen 42 - Oil & Gas UK: Best Practice for the Safe Packing & Handling of         Cargo to & from Offshore Locations. 2 - Finite element analysis of breakout force of object embedded in       sea bottom.       Authors: Mosleh A. Al-Shamrani.
22 - Selection, Design and Construction of Offshore Wind Turbine         Foundations          Author: Sanjeev Malhotra 37- Evaluation of a rigid element for offshore applications          Author: Jan Jerman 1 - Installation of Pipelines Beneath Levees Using Horizontal       Directional Drilling 46 - Tunnels and tunneling operations: Introduction to old and new          era