1 - Underwater archeology In the early times of diving, underwater archeology mostly consisted of returning wrecked objects to the surface without any more investigations and sometimes intending to sell them. Today, such operations are forbidden because wrecks in territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone limits are considered properties of the coastal state. As a result, underwater archeology is now practiced by relevant scientists appointed by the country's government where the wreck has been found. However, budgets provided to archeologists are often minimal, and it often happens that they require the help of voluntary sportive divers. The links below provide addresses of establishments organizing underwater archeology courses and organizations involved in such diving activities. - UNESCO list of courses in underwater archaeology - Underwater archeology organizations - China conservation center for underwater cultural heritage - ICOMOS International Committee on the Underwater Cultural Heritage (ICUCH) - UNESCO Convention on the protection of the underwater cultural heritage Inspection and imaging systems used in the offshore industry have been adapted to archeological missions. This has made accessible wreckages that were not previously reachable and increased the capacities for detecting and investigating archeological sites. The button below gives access to various reports from scientists who implement such technologies.
2 - Maritime and diving history Numerous national maritime museums have been created that exhibit diving equipment from the early period of diving. It is also the case of private and non-profit organizations that also organize various activities explaining these old systems. These establishments can be visited during holidays and can be contacted for documentation. In addition, historical diving websites have been created that provide a lot of photos and documents. Links to such organizations are provided below: 2/1 - List of maritime museums and historical diving websites
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3 - Sport diving equipment providers This point provides llinks to equipment manufacturers and suppliers. 3/1 - List of sport diving equipment manufacturers
4 - Technical and sport diving organizations This point provides links to sport diving organizations. - 4/1 - Members of the Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatique (CMAS) The World Underwater Federation, “Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS)” is a non-commercial diving federation that offers sport diving training and other aquatic activities. It was founded in 1959 in Monaco, and it includes more than 120 federations, which can be contacted through this link below. - 4/2 - Divers Alert Network (DAN) Divers Alert Network (DAN) is a dive safety organisation dedicated to supporting divers. This organization provides research & medical services, educational programs, insurance, and various supporting services to divers.
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