Environmental studies 2000 - 2020
2 -  Changes in dive behavior during naval sonar exposure in killer        whales, long-finned pilot whales, and sperm whales 16 - SubCAS: A Portable, Submersible Hyperbaric Chamber to         Collect Living Mesophotic Fishes. 18 - Natural Tolerance to Ischemia and Hypoxemia in Diving         Mammals: A Review. 23 -  The Effects of Ship Noise on Marine Mammals - A Review  27 -  Conditioned Variation in Heart Rate During Static Breath-Holds         in the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus). 4 - Cardiac function in an endothermic fish: cellular mechanisms       for overcoming acute thermal challenges during diving. 10 - Seabed habitat mapping with underwater photogrammetry 13 -  Sperm whale predator-prey interactions involve chasing and          buzzing, but no acoustic stunning. 25 -  Slowing deep-sea commercial vessels reduces underwater          radiated noise  15 -  Is Floating photovoltaic better than conventional photovoltaic?         Assessing environmental impacts. 6 -  Mapping of seafloor hydrothermally altered rocks using       geophysical  methods: Marsili and Palinuro seamounts, southern      Tyrrhenian Sea. 35 - Field Manual for Imagery Based Surveys using Remotely         Operated Vehicles (ROVs).  19 - Actinobacteria Isolated From Laminaria ochroleuca: A Source         of New Bioactive Compounds.
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Next page Next page 1 -  Water Quality Monitoring of Yellow Jacket, river Mazowe,        Zimbabwe: A review 3 - Threats to Coral Reefs: the Effects of Chemical Pollution 5 - Understanding chemical pollution at sea 7 -  Effects of sedimentation, eutrophication, and chemical        pollution on coral reef fishes 8 - Evolution of Chemical Pollution in Catalan Coastal Sediments 9 - A Review on the Chemical Pollution of  Langat River, Malaysia 11 -  A dual center study to compare breath volatile organic          compounds from smokers and non-smokers with and without         COPD 14 - The biosphere and plant chemical pollution 17 - Chemical Pollution of Coastal Waters in the Izmir Bay, Aegean        Sea 22 - Modeling of synergetic action of radiation and chemical         pollution on the environmental safety  29 - Chemical pollution imposes limitations to the ecological status        of european surface waters  33 - Indoor air quality in healthcare and care facilities: chemical         pollution and microbiological contamination 34 - Chemical pollution: A growing peril and potential catastrophic        risk to humanity 37 - Towards a systematic method for assessing the impact of         chemical pollution on ecosystem services of water systems  32 - Aqua rover 12 -  Developing European operational oceanography for Blue          Growth, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and          ecosystem-based management. 20 - Manual of tests and criteria 21 - A Literature Review on Types of Contamination (Biological,         Chemical, Medical)  36 - A Diver-Portable Respirometry System for in-situ Short-Term         Measurements of Coral Metabolic Health and Rates of         Calcification  24 - Amount and Fate of Gas and Oil Discharged at 3400 m Water        Depth From a Natural Seep Site in the Southern Gulf of Mexico  26 - Oceanographic Drivers of Deep-Sea Coral Species Distribution        and Community Assembly on Seamounts, Islands, Atolls, and         Reefs Within the Phoenix Islands Protected Area  28 - ROV’s Video Recordings as a Tool to Estimate Variation in         Megabenthic Epifauna Diversity and Community Composition        in the Guaymas Basin  31 - Underwater Visual Records of Marine Megafauna Around         Offshore Anthropogenic Structures 30 - Geographical diversity in the occurrence of extreme sea levels        on the coasts of the Baltic Sea