Underwater archeology - Papers from 2015 to 2022
10 - Underwater Photogrammetric Mapping of an Intact Standing         Steel Wreck with ROV. 12- Undersea drones: Explorations of the S.S. Tahoe (1896-1940). 21 - Royal Navy Wooden Shipwrecks Database  (V1.3  07 Jul 2018). 07 - SBSA 14. International Symposium on Boat and Ship         Archaeology Baltic and beyond - 2015 08 - Technology and Empire: Comparing the Dutch and British         Maritime Technologies during the Napoleonic Era (1792–1815) 20 - Kieran Hosty & Dr James Hunter: HMAS Perth Project 2017,         Sunda Strait, Republic of Indonesia. 03 - UNESCO: Underwater heritage of the world war one 06 - Bridging the gap in maritime archaeology: Working with          professional and public communities 01 - Protection and management of autralia’s second war         underwater cultural heritage. 02- Treasures of the deep 11 - Australian historic shipwreck preservation project: Escavation &        monitoring programme report. 17 - Project Samphire - Crowd sourcing maritime archaeology data         off Scotland’s west coast. 19 - Submerged Second World War Sites in Chuuk, Guam,         Pohnpei and Yap 36 - Discovery and initial documentation of USS NEVADA (BB-36):         An artifact of two world wars and the advent of the cold war. 28 - A novel Structure from Motion-based approach to underwater       pile field documentation. 29 - The revolutionary cannon of the 15th century 32- From discovery to public consumption: the process of mapping        and evaluating underwater cultural heritage in Malta 35 - Wrecks of the Lower Oder on the Magnetic Anomaly Maps.         Hydrographic and Geophysical Research of Selected Objects         of Underwater Cultural Heritage in 2020 38 - Cook’s endeavour found 24 - Death by a Thousand Cuts: an archaeological assessment of         souveniring and salvage on the Australian cruiser HMAS Perth. 04 - A fine wreck in shallow water: Investigation into, and  concervation of, a heavily disturbed 18th century British west  Indiaman, the soldier key wreck. 16 - Cultural Site Formation Processes Affecting Shipwrecks and         Shipping Mishap Sites 41 - Virtual immersion - Deep Dive: The museum’s online centre for        maritime archaeology. BUTTON TEXT Previous page
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23 - Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society - vol 29 13 - New information from old timbers? A re-analysis of wreck         LHL-81 from Osterby harbor, Laeso Denmark 27 - Lost at sea: Utilizing photogrammetry to monitor two         submerged f8f Bearcats. 05 - Formation processes of ship sites in the Blackwater river Santa        Rosa, Santa Rosa country, Florida 25 - Shipwrecked in situ: Saving the sunken past or scapegoat          archeology ? 37 - The archaeological examination of watercraft abandonment          in Australia: A retrospective 18 - Second campaign of excavation on the Saintes Bay Wreck,         Guadeloupe 22 - Ship, Navire, Navío, Nave, Buque: Creating a Multi-Language         Glossary for Early Modern Ships 39 - The Australian Management of Protected Underwater Cultural         Heritage Artifacts in Public and Private Custody 33 - Optimization of acoustic profiler characteristics in the scope of        underwater archeology and monitoring of underwater         engineering objects. 34 - Underwater Cultural Heritage as an Engine for Social, Economic         and Cultural Development. State of Research at the University         of Cadiz (Andalusia, Spain). 40 - Exploring underwater archaeology findings with a diving          simulator in virtual reality. 14 - Vladimir Cherniavsky – a pioneer of marine biology and          underwater archeology of the Black Sea, the first scientist of          Ab khazi 15 - Prospects for using sonar for underwater archeology on the         Yenisei: surveying a 19th century shipwreck 26 - Model Code of Practice for Safe Diving Operations 30 - Understanding diver behavior on underwater cultural heritage:        enriching the observation record using video methods 31 - Optimization of acoustic profiler characteristics in the scope of          underwater archeology and monitoring of underwater          engineering objects 09 - Target definition for shipwreck hunting 42 - Historic wooden shipwrecks influence dispersal of deep-sea bio         films 43 - Underwater cultural heritage risk assessment methodology for         wave-induced hazards: The showcase of the Bay of Cadiz 44 - Exploring underwater archaeology findings with a diving         simulator in virtual reality 45 - Radiocarbon dating and its applications in Chinese         archaeology: An overview