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Underwater archeology - Papers from 2012 to 2014
The documents are classified chronologically. Click on their descriptions to open and download them.
7 - Mapping and Visualizing Ancient Water Storage Systems with         an ROV – An Approach Based on Fusing Stationary Scans         within a Particle Filter. 19 - Thesaurus: AUV teams for archaeological search.Field results on         acoustic communication and localization with the “Typhoon”. 11 - Michael McCarthy: Early Port-Related Structure Studies 1 - UNESCO scientific colloquium on factors impacting underwater      cultural heritage. 2 - Sean A.Kingsley: Out of sight, out of mind? fishing &       shipwrecked heritage. 9 - The Utrecht 23 - Management Plan and Public Outreach for WWII Submerged         Resources in Saipan 13 - Interpreting Shipwrecks Maritime Archaeological Approaches        Editors: Jonathan Adams & Johan Rönnby. 16 - Exploring the potential for the archaeological application of         remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) in the         Australian context - Author: Iain Gately. 17 - Underwater heritage in Iceland. Assessment & recommendation        regarding underwater cultural heritage. 18 - The Sea Way to the Port of Eemshaven and the Outer Harbour          Mooring of Doekegat Rede: an Example of the Work-Through          Process of Archaeological Investigations in The Netherlands         (Author: Johan Opdebeeck). 21 - Archaeological Monitoring of the Dredging for the Immersed         Tunnel, Oslo, Norway. Rescuing Archaeological Heritage. 22 - Harbour Planning and Beneficial Use Strategy from a Cultural         Resource Perspective: Mobile Harbour’s  Archaeology  and          Channel  Maintenance. 3 - The Development of Maritime Archaeology as a Discipline and       the Evolving Use of Theory by Maritime Archaeologists. 8 - Aanloop Molengat – Maritime archaeology and intermediate         trade during the Thirty Years’ War 20 - Liman Tepe / Klazomenae harbour excavation 6 - Liman Tepe Klazomenae harbor excavations 10 - East Carolina University - Stem to stern - Jan 2013 5 - Review of special interest wrecks inside the Danish legal       framework and defining cultural management strategy for these       wrecks. 12 - The Underwater Cultural Heritage: a Comparative Analysis of         International Perspectives, Laws and Methods of Management 14 - A tale of two shipwrecks: US steamer Convoy & confederate         schooner William Judah 15 - The Underwater Cultural Heritage: a Comparative Analysis of         International Perspectives, Laws and Methods of Management 4 - Australian Historic shipwreck preservation project - Excavation &      monitoring programme report 2012 - 2015